Congress votes itself a pay raise.

Faced with the worst unemployment in decades, a continuing recession and a federal deficit that is breaking records even before counting the costs of the Iraq war and reconstruction our elected leaders have taken swift action in raising their own salaries. – Lawmakers include themselves in federal pay raise

WASHINGTON (AP)—The House on Thursday approved a 2.2% pay raise for Congress—slightly less than average wage increases in private business but enough to boost lawmakers’ annual salaries to about $158,000 next year.

It must be nice to be able to give yourself raises like that. I bet I’d be earning $158,000 a year by now if I could just haul off and give myself a raise every year. Hell, in the two and a half years I’ve been working for The Automotive CompanyTM I’ve not received a single raise, though they did cut everyone’s pay by 7% across the board a little more than a year after I started working there. Now word has it there’s another across the board pay cut of up to 10% about to happen to all “agency” (read: contractors) in the near future.

That would take my pay down a total of 17% since I started working there. What a great reward after being shoved into a new job role I didn’t want without a pay raise. Here, have more work and greater responsibility and we’ll say “thanks” by cutting your salary by another 10%!

No wonder their stock is in the toilet. Guess I’ll be polishing up that old resume a little sooner than I had anticipated. :X

5 thoughts on “Congress votes itself a pay raise.

  1. While it is annoying that congress can just vote raises for congress…at least they can’t actually raise their own salaries for the current term—only for the “next” election term.

    This is thanks to the hard work of a single individual who got the first(?) proposed amendment to the constituion passed only 200+ years since it’s introduction.

    Constitutional trivia 101.

  2. Get that resume ready now! Don’t wait. Seriously, you need to start applying for work now.

    There’s some strange law at work that states “If you have a job, you can get another. If you are unemployed, there’s something wrong with you.”

    When I had a job, I got offers. When I got laid off, suddenly there was nothing.

  3. I agree with the above commenter (Ignorance)… I’m unemployed now. When I was working, I would get calls almost everyday from headhunters begging me to look at this job or that. Now, I can’t seem to even get them to talk to me. A lot of that has to do with the totally sucky economy we are in now. (Did anyone see Bushy telling us how great the economy was going to be because he cut taxes again? What a total putz!)

    I’m just hoping that this new business I am starting up will fly. Thank’s to someone else on the Intenet writing an article on what he did after being laid off, I thought I should be able to do this too. Computer Support. Wish me luck guys.

    Les, dude, get looking now and good luck. I hope that there are more jobs to unemployed in the state where you live. Here in Missouri, it’s 13000 jobs to ~350,000 unemployed (based on MO’s “Missouri Works!” website).

  4. To get back to the original posting – It’s nice to know that where I live (Israel) isn’t the only sorry place where public representatives vote themselves higher salaries just as the rest of the country is going to the dogs.

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