Canadian gay couple denied entrance to U.S. because of “family” status on forms.

This story pretty much speaks for itself: – Gay couple denied entry into U.S.

Two gay Canadian men who are legally wed in Ontario say they were refused entry into the United States today after a U.S. customs official at the airport wouldn’t accept their customs clearance form declaring themselves a family.

Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell say they abandoned their trip to Georgia when the customs official at Pearson International Airport rejected their family customs declaration form, insisting that they fill out separate forms as single people.

After complaining to a customs supervisor, Bourassa said the couple was told that they wouldn’t be allowed into the United States as a family because the country doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages.

“When we realized we weren’t going to be allowed into the country, we had to make a real hard decision,” Bourassa, claiming a violation of human rights, said in an interview from the couple’s Toronto home.

“We could have filled out separate forms, but how much of your dignity do you want to have chipped away? We feel we had an affront to our dignity, so we decided to go back home.”

Personally, this strikes me as being very asinine. Regardless of whether they would be considered a “family” under American law they are considered a family under Canadian law. If they’re just coming to visit then I don’t see what the big friggin’ deal is. All this does is make America look like a nation of homophobic assholes who insist on everything being their way or the highway. What a bunch of nonsense.

13 thoughts on “Canadian gay couple denied entrance to U.S. because of “family” status on forms.

  1. I wish I was a Canadian customs official.  Next family from Georgia to fly in I would deny access because “we don’t recognize inbreeders as a family”

  2. Can you believe US Customs would actually enforce US law above Canadian law?  What morons those Americans are.

  3. why the hell do gay canadians want to go to georgia anyway?????

    and what is so bad about recognizing the culture of another country? canadians usually boast about how open minded they are, i

  4. well its simle actually. a family is a union which has or can have an ofspring. two fags cant have a baby no matter what..thats reality and if you dont like it then look at the world around..from the point of view of the planet they are nothing but parasites ..they cant contribute to the process of evolution..
    accept it..homosexuality is nothing but sexuall is BDSM ..pedophilia..zoofilia etc.

  5. Okay, who hates Canadians so much that they’d go to all this trouble to make them look like bigoted morons?  Come on, that’s not nice.  We all know better than that.

  6. Canadian said: – accept it..homosexuality is nothing but sexuall is BDSM ..pedophilia..zoofilia etc.

    And your decision to remain an idiot is a preference too.

    Being someone, with oat a doat, who’s parents cared little for his successful upbringing, it might be best if you opt not to reproduce.

    If you must have sex, do so in a way that won’t result in some poor puck’s pregnancy. You catch my drift, eh?

    Just keep sticking it in your own mooth.

  7. geekmom, you haven’t had much exposure to Canadians, have you? ;}

    unin4med, my thoughts exactly.

  8. Egad!  With people imposing religion on others and all this ‘marriage is between a man and a woman’ bullshit, I am NOT proud of being an American citizen.  I’m still a teen, but the first chance I get, I’m bailing to the UK, especially if they bring back the draft.

  9. Kevin Bourassa, the Canadian homosexual activist, is offended when homosexuality is compared to polygamy, pedophilia and bestiality.  People conveniently overlook that gay sex is one man having sex in another mans feces.

  10. I don’t think there’s anyone who has contemplated the act of anal sex who has ‘conveniently overlooked’ what it entails regardless of whether it’s between a homosexual or heterosexual couple.

    My question is: What’s your point? That it’s unsanitary? So is oral sex (the human mouth is one of the more filthy places you can put your genitalia). Not that traditional sex is even remotely sanitary when you really stop to consider it.

    My suggestion is that if you don’t want to get your private parts dirty then don’t engage in any sex at all and wash them regularly.

    “Is sex dirty? Only if it’s done right.”—Woody Allen

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