I think I’m starting to suffer from Blogrollitis. This is a swelling of one’s blogroll. (Sounds kinda dirty, don’t it?) I’ve got so many sites in my blogroll now that I have a hard time keeping up with them all. It doesn’t help that I’m ADD and so when I try to focus on some of the ones I’ve been neglecting I end up losing track of the ones I was already reading regularly.

For example, I completely missed all the drama with Natalie being disowned by her family, which is such a stunning concept for me. That’s OK Nat, you’re welcome to bring the family and come up to Michigan and spend Christmas with us if you want. Not that I have room in this two-bedroom apartment or anything, but dammit, we’d find a way. Nat’s one of my earliest readers and her own blog often leaves my sides aching from laughing so hard so when I forget to check it regularly I feel like I’ve lost track of a dear friend. She’s my inspiration for some of the more personal items I sometimes post. I wish my life were a little more interesting so I could write more stuff like she does.

Then there are some folks on my blogroll that I don’t visit daily, but that I consider to be pretty interesting reads so I leave them on there as a recommendation for others looking for fun sites to visit. I’ve got some more new ones I need to add in once I remember where the hell they were. Anyway, if you’re on my blogroll and haven’t seen me around your site lately don’t think I’ve completely forgotten you. It’s just gotten so damned big and my attention span is still as short as always.

5 thoughts on “Blogrollitis.

  1. Have you considered using an RSS aggregator?  Most of your reads probably have a feed, and it makes reading much easier and quicker.  I use Bloglines.

  2. I haven’t played with RSS aggregators much yet, though I have been meaning to look into it further. I’ve seen lots of other blogs talking about very complicated RSS feeds some of which include their comments and that has prompted me to look into RSS a little further, but beyond offering the default templates that MT comes with I’ve not done as much with it as I had hoped.

    Thanks for the tip on Bloglines. I’ll check them out.

  3. I was JUST going to suggest Bloglines.  In fact, I’m plugging feeds into the thing as I’m typing this.

    I, too, was slacking off on some of my blog reading.  I can usually get through my two top blogrolls every day but then I get pulled away from the computer and when I go back I start right over at the top.  Some people on my blogroll update (seemingly) hourly so I can spend the whole day and only make it through ten blogs or so.

    I only have maybe a quarter of my blogroll plugged into Bloglines at the moment but I managed to surf everyone in less than ten minutes.  It’s a very good thing.

    (And thanks for your comments, btw.  That means a lot.)

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