Airplane passengers subdue loud-mouthed Bible thumper.

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Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Airplane Passengers Subdue Man on Flight

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Airplane passengers subdued and then duct-taped a man who was pacing the aisle and reading loudly from the Bible during a flight from Hawaii, police and witnesses said.

No one was injured, and the man was handed over to authorities after the plane landed at Los Angeles International Airport early Sunday, said Sgt. Carl Sansbury of the airport police.

Brian Eager, 36, of Austin, Texas, was held for 72 hours to undergo a psychological examination, FBI Special Agent Matt McLaughlin said.

Hmmm. I’m beginning to see why it’s a good idea to carry a roll of duct-tape at all times. I wonder if this same technique would work on Jerry Falwell?

6 thoughts on “Airplane passengers subdue loud-mouthed Bible thumper.

  1. That story just restored my lost faith in humanity.  That people would take that risk, and rise up to duct-tape some dillhole, well, that just brings a tear to my eye.

  2. This raises a couple of questions for me, firstly why do these nuts always read from the bible?

    Secondly was it reading the bible that drove them nuts, or were they nuts who just took a shine to the bible?

    It’s funny really because although I personally don’t think the bible is the word of God, I have to admit more people have died over it than any other book I can think of.

    And people say Grimoires are dangerous?!?!?

  3. Grimoires hell. When I was in Jr. High I was going straight to hell because I owned the Dungeon Masters Guide, Monster Manual, and Players Handbook for Dungeons and Dragons. Going to hell over a game? Give me a twenty sided die, I hack at the zealot with my two handed bastard sword of sillyness…

  4. Speaking as one who does believe it to be a holy book I’d like to say that I still think the guy deserved to be duct tapped. (at the least, depending on what he was ranting about he could be in for even more)

    And if it could be done to Falwell and Robertson’s 700 club I’d be even happier.

  5. Well, what goes around comes around.  He wanted them to be silent and bear witness to the man in white, and they made him shut up and bear witness to many men in white.

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