World War II ass-kicking.

I’ve mentioned about a gazillion times before that Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is currently my all-time favorite FPS and that I play it regularly. EA originally outsourced the development of MOH for the PC to a company called 2015 and after it became a big hit they pulled development of the expansions and all future MOH titles back in-house. About that time around 23 people from 2015 left that company to start a new one called Infinity Ward and they started work on a new World War II FPS called Call of Duty due out sometime this fall. If anyone should be able to top the goodness that is MOH these would be the guys to do it. Well, they released a single player demo of the game this evening.

Wow. :sweat: I’m still picking my jaw up from off the floor.

This game is intense and does an even better job of putting you into the middle of the action than MOH ever did. Your squadmates act intelligently enough to almost make you think you were playing with other live players. The lighting effects are stunning. I want the game now. Damn, looks like it’s going to be a bumper crop of good games this holiday season.

4 thoughts on “World War II ass-kicking.

  1. If this is the worst suffering “God” can come up with then I don’t mind. Anticipation is part of the fun.

  2. Have u tryed Battlefield 1942? think MOH:AA with vehicles. Best WW2 FPS I’ve played yet.

    That said CoD looks like it will be a good SP romp, BF shines in MP as SP is bots only.

  3. Battlefield 1942 has its pluses and downfalls.
    I prefer playing this game with a few people on my LAN,  against the BOTS than with the many retards who play it online. At least the bots have an excuse for stupidity.
    I hate the “rag doll” movements of the characters
    I hate how you never quite know who is killing you, you just hear a bunch of grunts when you are getting killed. What killed me? Why?
      I love the Secret Weapons stuff, the helicopter, the guided missile, flak panzer, etc.
    I’ve TRIED to love this game, but I only like it and prefer RTCW multiplayer game play where you have to actually WORK with your team to succeed.

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