What the hell am I up to?

Dammit, it’s late and I should be in bed. So what the hell am I doing if not writing cool new entries? Playing video games? No, got wrapped up in designing a new layout for SEB. I think it’s coming along nicely. It’s not done yet, but it’s getting there.

Wanna see? OK, but don’t tell anyone I let you have a sneak peek.

15 thoughts on “What the hell am I up to?

  1. Holy shit!  Damn – that fucking ROCKS

    Yes, I know I used the same word as leigh but I made mine all bold an’ stuff.

    The kicker is the picture – stroke of *pure* genius right there.

  2. The words “Oooh, dat’s SCARY!” come to mind! wink It looks cool though! Dang, I guess with that tagline I won’t be able to read you while I’m at work anymore… 😀

  3. Les…the new site is a bit Gothic (dark colors…blue and black…), but rather pleasing I must say.  Why did you put that photo of Jesus on crack in the upper lefthand corner?

  4. Wow, this received a much better reception than I thought it would. I was playing around with some new fonts and a couple of new tricks I’ve learned in Photo Impact and CSS and ended up with that layout. The big thing I wanted to try out was the list of recent comments at the bottom of each entry.

    Margi, any resemblence to talent is purely accidental. It takes me way too much work to come up with something I’m happy with. grin

    Minx, yeah I was wondering if the tagline might cause problems. It seems to be appropriate considering the number of times I use it, but I may end up dropping it from the final design. I read my own site from work quite a bit too.

    MB, a bit gothic? Yeah, I guess it is. I keep getting comments from people who’ve visited one page on my site and decided that based on that limited exposure they know I’m nothing but a bitter and angry man so I figured I’d use a pic that would at least give them some basis for drawing that conclusion preemptively. “Jesus on crack” 😀 I like that!

    I still have to figure out what I want to do to define the side columns a little better and I still need to find a way to make it more obvious which posts are mine and which are Eric’s. I have an idea on how to do that, though.

  5. Mine should be hearalded by trumpets and parades since they are so rare :dohtwo:

  6. Most excellent design, Les.
    The “borderline psychotic look” image of you is appropriate, I think smile
    The current look a gives it a ‘campy’ 50’s,  feel, ya know.
    Cue happy theme song music, “The Stupid Evil Bastard…”
    Two words: Skin the site.

  7. I’ve been debating trying to figure out how to do site skinning. I’m already running the pages as PHP so that wouldn’t be a problem. I’ll have to sit down and figure out how to skin the site.

    Sure, go ahead and toss another challenge in front of me. wink

  8. OK, So I’m the only one that had a slightly negative first reaction to the New Design. 

    My complaint is that in the pic Les chose; his shirt looks like army camouflage.  Which irritates me, because it makes him look like some militant gun-ho urban army commando. Which is NOT Les at all… and with his site name, it lends toward an incorrect assumption of some neo-nazi supremacists’ group. 

    I imagine all sorts of Trolls being attracted to the pic & site with the wrong idea and inspired to hound him for completely inaccurate assumptions. 

    Les loves it.  He seems to get a kick out how “provoking” that ugly pic could be.  Everyone else loves it too.  So… “What the hell do I know?  I’m just the wife? Right?”  Les is an amazingly intelligent, kind and gentle soul.  He can be “a bit righteous” at times, but it’s because there is passion in his beliefs.  Les knows what he believes in and why.  He is willing to listen to others opinions with an open mind, but listening doesn’t mean “changing his mind.”  He can respect an opposing opinion, if not share it when he (and his opinion) is respected as well. This man is such a good, good man.  He is my SexyMONster and my Mr. Pooty Bear. 

    Les has loved me at my worst and at my best.  He is supportive and understanding.  I am sick and tired of the trolls who assume his name or “faith (lack there of) belief set” attribute a list of character traits that include unethical, lost, angry, unintelligent and narrow minded. The camouflage shirt appearance seems to promote the misconception of Les truly being a “Stupid Evil Bastard” and that bothers the holy shit out of me. 

    Eric too, is one of the most wonderfully ethical, intelligent, kind-hearted, supportive, open minded individuals I’ve ever met.  He is an amazing friend and a cutie to boot. 

    I understand the irony to the name of the site and the new design’s connection to combating the narrow mindedness that bred the name in the first place. 

    But, I’m the wife.  I love this Stupid Evil Bastard and the picture is so “Anti-Les” that I hate it or maybe the irony is just too much for me. 

    A brilliant design?  ABSOLUTELY!  So good… it bugs the fuck out me!  Which should be a testament in its own right. 

    After all, don’t the best villains evoke true hate, fear, irritation?  You know the actor is superb when he can make you really hate them!  So, in a way “me hating” the new pic used in the new design is proof that it is truly a spectacular design. 

    *I do not hate the design.  I just wish there was another picture that wouldn’t appear to be Les in camouflage.”

  9. Ouch Mrs Stupid Evil Bastard

    I wore camouflage fatigues for many years and I never thought of myself as a neo-Nazi or anything like that.  Actually I thought of myself as kind of a savvy, man of the world, with fashion issues.  I must admit, my feelings were a bit hurt by your overgeneralization!  OK

  10. Les, I too really like the new look for your site but tend to agree with your wife about the camouflage “look” of your shirt for the reasons she listed that it might be detrimental. I think camouflage just naturally suggests deceit and indoctrination.
    Also, I hope you are still going to include the links to the most commented entries, (to help with that Winchester House type challenge I mentioned before.) This site covers a lot of territory.

  11. I’ve decided to go with a slightly less psychotic looking pic that also feature’s my recently shaved head. This one is more mischievous than dangerous, but I still think it’s a good pic.

  12. i am so drunk
    i think im gonna die
    i cant believe how much i drank tonight
    maybe its because i hate myself
    maybe its because i hate you
    maybe i dont know what else to do
    maybe im outta control


    maybe you dont understand




    maybe you never will


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