Welcome into the world, Aaron Johnathon Gaethke!

I’m an Uncle, again. My new nephew’s name is Aaron Johnathon Gaethke and he was delivered by c-section this afternoon around 1:30 PM. Attempts to have him enter the world by more traditional means weren’t working out so they went in after him. This newest addition to the family tree is on my wife’s side and is the first child to be born by one of my in-laws which has everyone very excited.

I already have a niece and nephew from my brother so I’m used to being an Uncle already. I make a pretty cool Uncle even if I do say so myself. Of course, this is yet another kid in the family born really close to my own birthday and thus more of my B’Day thunder has been usurped. The first was my own daughter, the little traitor, being born on the 13th thus overshadowing my own impending birthday. Could be worse, I suppose, Aaron was due to make his entrance on my birthday, but his stubbornness delayed him until today. Very considerate of him and definitely makes him A-OK in my book. The thought that when he reaches the age of 20 I’ll be 56 years old is a little sobering, but by then he’ll be ready to become an Apprentice SEB. Muhwahahahahahahaha! :evillaugh:

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  1. I was born the day after my parents’ 9th wedding anniversary. So their 25th was at the same time as my 16th, and my 21st will be at the same time as their 30th. At least my nagging about birthday presents meant that my father never forgot his anniversary smile.

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