That was the night the lights went out in… Detroit.

I had managed to make it out the door at work and onto the freeway just moments before the blackout began yesterday. I’m assuming you’ve all heard about it by now. My first indication that there was a problem was when NPR went off the air for a few moments. I flipped through a couple of other stations which were also not broadcasting and thought perhaps my car radio was dieing. Then NPR came back on and things were fine for awhile and then NPR went out again and was off the air long enough that it actually startled me when it came back on the air. That was just before I was about to get off the freeway and it was the first mention of a wide-spread power out.

Sure enough, the lights at the end of the ramp were out. It took me almost as long to go from the off-ramp to the next immediate cross street as it took to get from work to that off-ramp. I turned right onto Haggerty and cut behind the former K-Mart to get to my side-street leading to my apartments and was home within 5 minutes. At home I dug around for a transistor radio I once received and never had a use for before. We ended up going to bed early around 9PM seeing as we only had candle light by then. Around 8AM in the morning our power came back up. It’s been up and stable since. We called our parents to make sure they were OK and we called around to some of our friends to invite them over if they didn’t have power. Bob and Eric both came over and hung out for awhile. Eric just left about 40 minutes ago.

We made a run out for some minor supplies, some water and some cola and a new water filter for the tap, and we ate dinner out. Sat around watching DVDs for most of the day including American Pie 1 and 2. Right now we’re not using the air conditioning because a good part of the Metro Detroit area is still without power, but that hasn’t stopped most of our neighbors in the apartment complex from using theirs. Never surprises me how inconsiderate some people can be. Overall it was an unexpected day off and I may have to go in to work on Sunday to stand around and do nothing important because I’m a middle manager now so I’m not allowed to use my technical skills as my mere presence seems to be enough to accomplish something. What, I don’t know, but at least I’m employed.

So our experience with sitting around in the dark was relatively short lived. We’ve had it pretty easy and we don’t appear to have lost any of the food we had in the fridge. It certainly could’ve been worse.

5 thoughts on “That was the night the lights went out in… Detroit.

  1. Surprisingly, our power came back on at 8:15 or so last night. We almost felt guilty, as it looks like only our neighborhood had it before dawn…

    It’s nice to live in a mafia neighborhood… [grin]

  2. Sometimes it is good to live in the sticks and receive power from an old truck motor as we do here smile When one truck motor fails, you just take the truck down of blocks and put another one up.  Congress should explore this method of redundancy and apply it nation-wide!

    I don’t even know where we get our power from…but I’m gonna find out right now.

  3. I am one of the selfish ones, when I got home from work at 8pm last night.. sweating, stinky and a/c went down to 68.  I grabbed a piece of paradise while I could.

  4. Detroit Edison has been announcing, apparently, that all customers are restored to full power. Good job, right?

    My parents are still without power, 2 blocks from Detroit, and if they call Detroit Edison to let them know, they get a message saying that all power has been restored…and not ability to tell them differently.

    And the Detroit Edison website is down.

    But if a large company says it’s true, then it must I told my parents to stop whining and turn on the Air Conditioner.

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