Stupid people worry about Mars coming too close.

Nothing like a rare astronomical event to bring the stupid people out of the closet in droves:

Yahoo! News – Mars Will Not Kill You

On Aug. 27, Mars will be closer to Earth than in nearly 60,000 years. This “close approach,” as it’s being billed, has some folks worried about potential dangers here on our planet.

One reader asks: “Will it be dangerous when Mars gets that close to Earth? It has me a little worried.” Others have e-mailed to say they heard there would be earthquakes or other disasters. One of the many rumors going around says the two planets will collide.

The true gravity of the situation is benign. There is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Personally, I plan to tell anyone who asks me that, yes, Mars will destroy the planet so they should give me all their evil money so they’re clean when the rapture comes.

17 thoughts on “Stupid people worry about Mars coming too close.

  1. People are such idjits!  Everyone knows that once Mars gets close enough, the gravitational pull will yank all the water off of earth and we’ll all die of parched-ness, er, parchment.  No, that’s not right.  Parchedity.  Ummm, thirst!  Yeah, that’s it thirst.

    Ok, I’ll stop now.

  2. PU-38 Explosive Space Modulator, loaded.
    Persoanlly, I’m putting on my Adidas and green jumpsuit and waiting for the mother ship to come out from the dark side of Mars.

  3. Umm I have to wonder why people even concern themselves with it, after all if Mars were to herald the destruction of life as we know it etc, what exactly do people expect to do about it?

    I mean right now we are the biggest threat to continuing life on this planet, and what are we doing about it? Well apart from killing each other in bigger and better ways… (Actually I’m not endorsing war here, but sometimes I feel a few less humans on the planet can’t be a bad thing, it’s just a shame it’s always all the wrong ones that get killed…)

  4. I was actually pointing out how silly people are regarding Mars being nearer as a concern for destruction of life as we know it. When the facts show human beings themselves are going to be the cause of our own demise.

    Pessimism doesn’t come into it, when you look at a world that is scrabbling for control of the remaining and rapidly dwindling resources. I think the only optimism is that once all the fossil fuels are gone at least we won’t be able to pollute anymore…

    Personally I don’t see much to be leaping for joy about, unless you’re one of those people who actually believe hydrogen power will save us all at the last moment. Personally I’d sooner believe in the martians, than the hydrogen energy myth. wink

  5. I think you are all forgetting that Mars is a god, and that we should not anger the god of war!  If we all PRAY really really hard, and kill many, many sheep and goats and virgins, then I KNOW He will spare us and not suck all the water from earth and make new mountains and other special effects!  You must BELIEVE!  [Pause to wipe foam from mouth.]  Worship the god of war, and you shall be SAVED for all eternity!

  6. Double dipping…


    I guess your answer would be, “No, I can’t be more pessimistic!”  Fuel cells have been around for decades, solar and wind energy technologies haven

  7. Hmm I still don’t see how taking what I percieve to be a realistic view is pessimism, but then again it’s all about perspective and my realism may well be pessimism in your book, and I am happy to accept that much.

    Fuel cells may have been around a while, but that doesn’t make them a viable alternative to fossil fuels. If you do a bit of research into hydrogen energy you will find a couple of large flaws that they have cheerfully glossed over when selling the idea to us. First off Hydrogen by it’s very nature of being a simple element means it cannot be contained without seepage, it will always leak no matter what kind of container you use. Also the energy needed to process hydrogen is far in excess of the return from using hydrogen as a fuel, and that is without taking into account the continual waste from leakage.

    So in effect we are talking about burning far more fuel, be it fossil fuels or nuclear power to manufacture hydrogen fuel. I cannot see how that is either a sensible or green solution to our problems. Rather I see the hydrogen fuel energy story as a pacifier for the masses to keep us from losing faith in the oil companies, who by the way are the leading proponents of this new alternative energy.

    As for weather in the UK, well I don’t know where you ‘winter’ but if anything our summers have been too hot to bear the past few years, with temperatures rivalling the Mediteranean. The thing about UK weather is we have such huge variations for such a small land mass, so the only thing you can say about it is, it’s always changeable.

    Oh and by way of conclusion, I just want to say that although I sometimes speak in a matter of fact way, I always accept that this is just my view of things, and certainly don’t expect people to agree with me, or assume I am right, after all it’s not about being ‘right’. smile

  8. Serai

    I forgot about the heat over there this year.  I remember the summer of 1983 when all kinds of people were falling dead from the heat.  I still note a hint of pessimism in your

  9. Mild Bill: That’s CHAIRbreaker, not Chainbreaker, although I must admit a kind of like Chainbreaker… makes me think of a freedom fighter, with huge muscles that can break chains and even the occasional idiot.  Unfortunately, the only things I manage to break are the chairs I try to sit in…  life is a bitch.

  10. Hehe well now me old cocker, ‘ow’s it ‘anging then? If yer bung me a monkey I’ll give yer a deal on some hookey tellies what fell orf a lorry. wink

    How did you know I was a cockney then, or was it just a wild guess? Although I was born in the East end of London I am not technically a true cockney as I wasn’t born within the sound of Bow bells.

    And yes I think you are reading more into my posts than was there, I think to put it in as plain a way possible, I was just rolling my eyes at the fact people can get all up in the air over an unlikely event such as Mars colliding with the Earth, as if we could do anything about it anyway. Yet on the other hand these same people ignore the very real problems that face humanity that we can actually do something about.

    As for the hydrogen fuel thing, time will tell on that one, I suppose my general mistrust of anything coming from big corporations or politicians make me seriously doubt they have a solution to the world energy crisis once we run out of oil. I have yet to see a politician that plans anything past the next election.

    Anyway may I say it’s been nice making your acquantance Bill, and hope we can have some more err discussions soon. smile

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