I may end up taking this layout back to a standard two-column format. While up at the folk’s place I pulled up SEB on their PC and saw that it doesn’t work well in an 800×600 display. Those two side columns squeeze the hell out of the middle. My folks are getting older so they have to keep their PC set to a lower resolution or they can’t see the text. Hmmm. I’ll have to play around with things and see if I can’t come up with something a little less compressed at that resolution.

6 thoughts on “Squished…

  1. You mean all I have to do is take the resolution to 800×600 and I could be seeing things again especially with my contacts in?  Wow…where were you earlier.  Thanks for the tip.

  2. Had the same problem a couple of layouts ago on my site. At the time I really wanted the three column look, and hated the way it looked at 800*600. Solution: give all the columns set widths along with having the overall body being a set width. People may have to scroll to the right at 800*600 but you will be happy with the design and they will be able to see everything…
    Just a thought

  3. About the layout it has pretty colors, font is ok, but when you start to read your poor old brain says this is alot of fucking words—where do I start!!!

  4. Well, as you can clearly see, I’ve resorted back to a two column layout. It took less hacking than I anticipated and should make things a little more legible for people still using 800×600 resolution.

  5. I like the 2 column layout as well.  I have a screen res of 1024×768 because that’s as small as I’ll go.  The three columns just seem more cluttered than two.

  6. I am glad you went back to the two column format, it is so much easier to read.  Since I haven’t told you yet, I love your new design!  It fits your personality quite well.

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