Search terms that list SEB in the top 10 links.

Playing around with my referrer log again. I get a lot of hits from Google and I’ve noticed that my own site is starting to show up in searches I’ve done myself so every now and then I like to see what particular search terms brought people to my site. Following are searches that listed SEB in the top 10 links.

jackass-inspired at Google brings us in at #9 (links to one of my many rants about idiot kids trying to imitate Jackass).

mark is stupid at Yahoo! Search has us at #7 (links to a Mark Twain related entry).

name one good thing bush has done at Google ranks us at #8 (links to entry on Do Not Call list).

Hotbot puts us at #2 for camel toe song. A search term we’ve often been at number one in the past at various search engines. The current number one result is a site with the URL that appears to be using the popularity of that search term for less than ethical means.

Google slaps us down at #7 for the term bush falls off a segway, which strikes me as odd because just about everybody talked about it on their blogs many of which are way more popular than mine.

Compuserve’s search pimps us at #2 for the term i’m too sexy for my shirt to sexy for my shirt so sexy it hurts beating out bigger sites like and even a listing of the lyrics. Considering my semi-naked picture in that entry I’m sure it must be quite a shock to folks who were probably expecting song lyrics.

Google has us at #10 for the truth about the blackout of 2003. I find that odd as I didn’t attempt to explain the truth behind the blackout, I just whined a little about it.

In a related search, Google has us at #2 for satellite blackout photo putting us one result ahead of Slashdot which just boggles my brain.

Finally I’ll bring this pathetic excuse for an entry to a close with Google listing us at #6 result when searching for a stitch in time saves 9. A phrase that has been bringing a lot of people to SEB for quite awhile now only to find out the page in question is about Anne having sutures from a past oral surgery removed. Stunning, isn’t it?

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