Roy’s Rock has been rolled.

Well, it looks like they finally got around to removing Judge Roy Moore’s big-assed TC monument. Meanwhile, a poll conducted by CNN/USA Today shows just how important the Bill of Rights is today:

The new CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll found 77 percent of the 1,009 Americans interviewed earlier this week disapproved of U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson’s order to remove the monument.

The whole point of the Bill of Rights was to protect the basic rights of the minority from the will of the majority. In other words, it ensures that in this country the “Majority” don’t always get what they want when it comes to imposing their will on everyone else.

Meanwhile, Judge Roy Moore continues to spew his own twisted view of the nation’s history to the news media:

“It is a sad day in our country when the moral foundation of our law and the acknowledgment of God has to be hidden from public view to appease a federal judge,” said Moore, suspended by the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission last week for refusing to obey Thompson’s order.

Here’s a tip for Moore: This wasn’t just to appease a single federal judge. This was to appease people like me as well as people of faiths other than Christianity all of whom would like to think our Government isn’t playing favorites.

If you spent any time reading up on Iraq you’ll know that the people who were members of the Baath party were pretty upset to see Sadam get his ass kicked whereas the Shiites were pretty damn happy to see him go. Now why do you think that is? Could it have anything to do with Saddam’s government playing favorites with people who were Baath party members in general, and people from his hometown in particular while Shiites were continuously handed the short end of the stick?

Meanwhile, the Christian fundamentalists camped outside the court continue to try and keep their morale up:

Outside the building, about 150 of Moore’s supporters vowed to keep fighting to get the monument restored. Christian Defense Coalition director Pat Mahoney said supporters were “disappointed, but not discouraged.”

“We don’t view this as a defeat at all,” Mahoney said. “We’re still calling people to come to Montgomery to take a look at where the 10 Commandments once stood.”

Yes, why don’t you all go down to Alabama and stare at something that isn’t there for awhile. I’m sure that’ll be just as effective as praying to something that isn’t there. If nothing else, it’ll keep you off the streets for awhile.

Link found via Go Fish.

48 thoughts on “Roy’s Rock has been rolled.

  1. Hey Les, guess what is happening now?  There are volunteers wearing shirts with the Ten Commandments on them to stand where the monument once was.  Folks from Montgomery say that there have been about 600 folks tops at the court house and that was days ago.  Not exactly setting the town, or the bush, on fire…

  2. You have got to be kidding me. :O

    Oh man, this is just too rich! I have got to find me a picture of this! Pardon me while I go find a tissue. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying.

  3. Just goes to show you should never underestimate the determination of some people to thrust their beliefs upon others.

    I have always thought if any single belief was so wonderful we wouldn’t need to have it rammed in our faces at each and every opportunity to accept it. I suppose some people disagree, although I can’t see how ‘christians’ feel wronged by the removal of the ten commandments, seeing as Christs main purpose according to the bible was to do away with the ten commandments anyway… :O

  4. First of all, I feel like I’m stealing your name… sorry bout that, t’is mine as well. Secondly. And correct me if I’m wrong please (I’m an Aussie), but when you start incorporating Religion into the government, doesn’t that change it from a Democracy and turn it into a Theocracy? I though that was the definition of Theocracy? and wait, isn’t that why there are still troops in Iraq? In order to build a Demoracy instead of letting people be controlled by a Theocracy. You said it well SEB, Civil Liberties for all. Not just those who have the same belief stucture as the majority.O.K. I’m gonna get off the box now. Just that this issue really, really annoys me. To many thoughts… not enough cohesiveness… SEB, you’ve been a breathe of fresh air throughout. thanks. I’ll leave you with a quick question. What do you think people would do if a judge decided to put up a statue of Varuna in his court room?

  5. Screw that, I want somebody to fill the vacant spot with the biggest Buddha somebody can find from a local Chinese restaurant.

    And I encourage everyone in the gawking rabble to sell all their earthly possessions, get a one-way ticket to some obscure spot on the Sinai Peninsula, and try to find where the original Ten Commandments might have been handed down.

  6. Dear Norbizness,

    The Sinai you say!  Hummmm….Where’s your Bible?
    If you had one, you might find out that Mt. Sinai is NOT reputed to be in the Sinai Peninsula.  At least not in the Bible.

    I refer you to Galatians(that’s in the NEW testament)ch.4:25, though I doubt you will read it since you obviously don’t feel it necessary to know of what you speak!

    Now, the REAL Mt. Sinai is in northwestern Saudi Arabia, and its’ Arabic name is Jabal al Lawz. This area of Saudi Arabia went by the name of Midian in ancient times.  By typing into your search engine, the name of said mountain, you MIGHT find out some interesting things.  Well,  I find it to be quite fascinating!

    The Snerk

  7. Becky

    Where in your Bible does it give the location of Sinai?  Is your Bible entitled, The Gold of Exodus?  I

  8. My larger point stands, ignorance of geography notwithstanding. If you believe in that stuff, you won’t find the source in Montgomery, but somewhere in the Middle East. Thanks for the education, though.

  9. Did anyone see the guy yelling to “put it back” as it was being rolled away. He also yelled at them to “take your hands off our god”. Sounded like the monument was his golden calf.

  10. Yeah, that was the guy that was pretending someone was holding him back!  Very amusing.

  11. Dear Norbiz,

    MY ignorance of geography or YOUR ignorance of geography?  Doesn’t matter.  I have noticed, though, that sarcasm and put-downs on this website certainly prompts responses.  And THAT is what I am interested in!

    The fact that you consider Cornuke and his buddy to be yo-yos is neither here nor there.  The fact that you THINK a certain thing doesn’t necessarily make it so.

    Becky(the Snerk)

  12. Becky, let’s just get right to the heart of the matter, shall we? 

    My fictitious god can beat up your fictitious god…

    Rinse and repeat.

    There!  Now we have the history of religion in a nutshell.

  13. So na-na na-na na-na, I’m rubber and you’re glue….  what is your point?  You are the one that

  14. If this is going to become the omnibus obscurantism thread for (hopefully former) Judge Moore, I have a question: were any hysterical protests organized, travel taken, signs made, pimento cheese sandwiches thrown together, or bullhorn practices consumnated on the Sabbath?

    If so, then the only logical penalty for these Sabbath-breakers is death (mentioned about 4 times in Exodus). We can’t divorce the laws of our country from the moral foundation handed down on Mt. Sinai (location: somewhere in Kentucky), after all.

  15. Dear Jake & Bill,

    I suppose I could DAZZLE you with all my extensive education…formal, higher….etc.,I do have some, but education doesn’t necessarily make anyone objective.(not even Christians!) I just really do have an interest in ancient history, particularly of the Middle East.  And particularly the Jewish people and the Bible.

    Prophecy is the proof of the Bible.  Read Ezekiel 36.  This verse predicts the return of the Jews to their ancient homeland.  Has that happened?  Are they now a nation?  You bet they are!  Not only that, but OTHER prophecies speak about hundreds of things that would happen after their returned to their homeland.  Jesus, in speaking of the end times, said,(I think in Matthew 24), that unless those days were cut short,(by his return) no flesh would be saved.  We humans are at the point of being able to wipe out all life on earth, aren’t we?  The God of the old testament said that he tells the end from the beginning. 

    The diaspora was predicted.  The treatment of Jews throughout history was predicted.  Remember the Holocaust, and the murder of Jews by Christians in Europe because they were “Christ killers?”  That Israel would fill the world with fruit was predicted.(They are the 4th largest exporter of fruit in the world). 

    The heart of the matter, as far as I’m concerned, has nothing to do with beating anybody up.  Why do you think God is mean? Ignorance is no excuse for ANYTHING!  Now, if you were to read something about Bible prophecy, you might actually decide there was something to it, or maybe not.  Who knows? 

    Isaiah 46:10 tells end from beginning.

    Deuteronomy 28: 64-67 predictions of jews suffering throughout history.

    Zechariah 12:2-3 concerning Jerusalem…look what’s happening now…with the roadmap to peace.  It will get worse.

    Matthew 24:22 days cut short.

    2nd Peter3:5 willingly ignorant.

    Why not go to and get some GOOD material?  It won.t be painful, I promise.


  16. Hmm interesting, I have to say I find the bible an amusing storybook myself. I mean most of the scriptures can be taken to mean many different things, it just depends on how you want to use them. One thing I would suggest however is never base your conclusions on anything less than two scriptures, because one scripture alone means nothing.

    You know it’s funny that you quote Isaiah, because I’ve always taken that particular scripture to show that God new damn well what was going to happen to mankind as soon as he created them. So in effect he is the cause of all the suffering and evil on the Earth.

    Also most of the prophecies you quote related to the pre christian Jews, as after Christ they were no longer considered to be his people, so modern day Israel wouldn’t really be relevant.

    In all honesty my belief is that Christs message was to stop following religions, and to start learning about personal faith. The bible is just a book, written by men, to control men. If God (assuming he even exists) wanted people to listen to him I doubt he’d use a flawed and contradictory book like the bible…

  17. Oh great. She’s a Biblical Prophecy believer.. rolleyes Now there’s an argument that’s not even worth going into…

  18. Oh how I wish a UFO would zoom them all off to Heaven… The world would be a much better place if something like that could happen.

  19. “The whole point of the Bill of Rights was to protect the basic rights of the minority from the will of the majority. In other words, it ensures that in this country the

  20. It is true that the bill of rights was created to protect the people from governmental excess, but how do you think the majority would implement their will? Generally it is through laws passed by their elected representatives, i.e. the government, and guess what they are constrained by? You got it, the bill of rights (at least we hope they are constrained by it).

  21. WRONG!

    The whole point of the Bill of Rights is to protect THE PEOPLE from GOVERNMENTAL EXCESS!

    What you people don

  22. I sent my response to George who sent it back saying I needed to read the whole quote (which, naturally, I had) as it supported his point. He totally ignored the fact that I wasn’t saying his statement was wrong, just that my original statement was also correct.

  23. After seeing through the hypocrisy in the JW’s I left as quick as you like, and since leaving I began slowly deprogramming myself from all the bull that they force feed you. If you judge the JW’s by the same criteria that they judge other religions you can clearly see they are among the false prophets, I can’t think of many religions that have made quite as many failed predictions as they have, and yet they still persist in making them.

    I am now pretty happy with my current beliefs, which I can proudly say are mine, and not beliefs I have been convinced of, or converted to.

  24. Sooo…you didn’t like any religions you found, so you made up your own?

    That’s nice.  You’re delusional, but in your own particular way.  How charming.

  25. No you couldn’t be more wrong actually Jake, on both counts. I am neither delusional nor conceited enough to believe I have my own religion. I simply came to the realisation that I personally do not need religion, all I need is the beliefs I have.

    Why do people insist on having their beliefs dictated to them by other people? I thought the whole point was for us to be personally accountable to our creator etc, well how can you be personally accountable when you just accept someone elses regurgitated views?

    And for the record I don’t normally feed trolls, but I am making an exception just this once Jake. =P

  26. Even so, if you’re going to be delusional at least Serai is being creative and original in his delusions instead of just copying how everyone else is being delusional. I’ve got to give him credit for that much at least. grin

  27. Umm thank you Les, can I just make a tiny correction? It’s her, as in female gender ta, of course you couldn’t have known that. smile

  28. My most sincere and humble apologies. I should have looked more closely at your email address before making assumptions. Please excuse my faux pas.

  29. Nah, not a troll.  I just don’t have patience for people who insist on believing in a magical skydaddy.  I have even less for those who reject all forms of organized religions to just and whip up one of their own.

    Those people scare the living shit out of me.  They’re the (not sure how to spell the last name correctly, sorry) David Koresh-style woowoos out there who have the capacity for self-delusion that gets other people killed.

    Go have your Kool-aid by yourself Serai…

  30. An aside:

    The very definition of rights is subject to much controversy; many things are considered rights, usually by virtue of legislation, that are not truly rights; government managed health care and pensions are examples.  True, or natural, rights, such as life, liberty, and property, and the latitude to defend the same, are often denied, or violated, in the present political context.

    A true right is not negotiable.  It exists whether the founders had established a Constitution or not.  It is not granted by the Bill of Rights, but recognized.

    To reiterate.  A right, rightly understood, is not negotiable.  Anyone who forces one to negotiate for them, be he politican, activist, or saint, or common thief, has violated them.

  31. Jake please tell me where on earth I said anything about starting my own religion? Or perhaps where I said I believed in God, or any thing of the sort?

    What I actually said was, after having been force fed a load of religious crap from an early age by the JW’s, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t need or want anything to do with organised religion.

    What I said was that I had and here’s the keyword, personal beliefs, as in beliefs about all kinds of things based on my experiences and understanding. Lumping me in with nutballs like David Koresh is rather silly to be honest, I couldn’t be further from that type.

    Lets just look at the facts, firstly I am actually not religious, I have personal beliefs which I generally keep to myself. Most if not all of my beliefs are based on personal experiences. Secondly as I mentioned above, I don’t preach my views to anyone, I keep them to myself unless someone asks specifically, and even then I only talk about them if I think it is worthwhile.

    So on that basis I fail to see the grounds you are basing your judgement of me on. At least when I judged you as a troll I bothered to look at some of your other posts.

    Becky, let

  32. SERAI U SUCK!!!!!1111 aND Jack u suck DOOO!!! I think troll is stupid name!!! SIGH …both of you go to your homes and stop trying to make me think that flowers are pretty ….sigh…specially u jack…u make me feel like I wanna smell flowers and its gay! I hate also them… I hate also hetero sexuals!!11 specially them!…

  33. Brett

    I moderately disagree with your suppositions about rights.  You wrote:

    A right, rightly understood, is not negotiable.


  34. Brett,

    Bill has your number on this one.  Our entire civil and criminal court system is about negotiating around ambiguities in regard to conflicting rights.  It is the essence of the democratic social contract.

  35. Serai, I think you and Becky are nutbars.

    This is only a commenting system on a friggin’ weblog.

    Beyond that, it’s not as if this matter is keeping me awake at night. 

    You admittedly shirked the rules of a single organized religion and refused to adopt the rules of others.  You have, therefore, created your own religion.  To create your own religion is nutty.

  36. Serai, I think you and Becky are nutbars.

    Well that’s your personal belief, and you are entitled to it, even though you seem unable to qualify your reasons for it. Although I have to say I find your beliefs based upon some sixth sense, a little more disturbing than you may find mine. After all remember I haven’t actually told you what my beliefs actually are, and yet you think I am a ‘nutbar’ because I have them? One thing I am certain of however is that any beliefs I do have I can give solid reasons for them, unlike your ethereal belief in my mental instability.

    You admittedly shirked the rules of a single organized religion and refused to adopt the rules of others. You have, therefore, created your own religion. To create your own religion is nutty.

    Where to begin with this watertight proof of the ‘nutty’ categorisation of the majority of humanity, yourself included. I could argue that I haven’t in fact created a religion at all, because my beliefs have nothing to do with worship or veneration of a deity or higher being. Or I could on the other hand show that we all have beliefs of some kind, and so are therefore guilty as judged by Jake.

    I settled for the latter as I found it slightly more amusing than the former. Jake Hazelip you are a ‘nutbar’, judged by your own words. You said to hold a personal belief that isn’t part of an organised religion is making your own religion, and therefore on planet Jake that makes you a ‘nutbar’. Well Jake your tenuous belief that I am a ‘nutbar’ by the same token makes you also a ‘nutbar’. Now do you see how foolish it is to make statements based on nothing more than your own hot air?

    In conclusion, as to be honest I cannot see this going anywhere, I think we should conclude that you think I am a ‘nutbar’ which is your personal belief, and I respect that you have the right to think whatever you like about me. After all as you so rightly said,

    This is only a commenting system on a friggin

  37. I’m going to side with Serai on this one. Nothing she’s said to date seems to me to indicate that she has created her own religion. She hasn’t spoken of any churches she’s founded or any rituals she’s devised nor any rules she’s laid down for others to follow, all of which are things that people such as David Koresh did do. She hasn’t laid claim to being the Messiah reborn (as Koresh did) nor has she set up her own little community of followers (as Koresh also did).

    Becky does strike me as a bit of a nutbar, but Serai just sounds like someone who’s decided to try and find her own path and I can’t fault her for that as I have done the same thing myself resulting in my current stance as an atheist. Personally, I’d welcome more of Serai’s type in the world because they at least seem to be striving for the truth instead of just swallowing the same 2000 year old bullshit handed down from on high. Even if we don’t agree on what the final truth might be, at least we are looking for more than the pre-digested popular pap everyone else is trying to choke down.

    Yes, this is only a commenting system on a friggin’ weblog, but some people do still take the discussions here pretty seriously. I write about big topics that a lot of people consider to be very important and while it was never my intent to set this site up as being a beacon of serious debate the fact remains that some people will still use it as such, which I must say I find to be very flattering. I think this kind of sharing of ideas and viewpoints is actually very worthwhile.

  38. David Koresh didn’t create his cult, he adopted it from others. Even if he had done so, it is merely an offshoot of existing religious ideas, and therefore he wouldn’t have acyually created his own religion, just his own church. The Raelians would be a better example, he took existing ideas (mostly secular, but completely baseless) and created a religion. Either way I am less afraid of either Koresh or Rael than I am of their followers. They are clear examples of true nutbars, and this is demonstrated in the adage “who is more crazy, the crazy man, or the person who listens to him?”

  39. Jake old son

    Starting to lean towards troll in the description of you I am.  Serai never mentioned a

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