NOAA satellite shows effects of power blackout.

Now this is pretty cool. A before and after satellite pic of the area affected by the power outage.

10 thoughts on “NOAA satellite shows effects of power blackout.

  1. Very cool.  It almost makes DC and Baltimore look like they were affected, though I heard they were not.  Les I theorized that this entire blackout was orchestrated to shut your site down…NY, Ohio, and Canada where incidental and just distractions.  How do we know you weren’t taken to Guantanamo for “re-education”???  I’ll be carefully scrutinizing your posts for any evidence of your reprogramming by the nefarious minions of Bush!!

    I can

  2. This looks to be a somewhat bogus side-by-side – notice that Philly and Washington are also dimmer the next night, even though they were not affected by the blackout at all.

  3. definitely bogus photos…look at the water and the entire right side of the photo.  photoshop or the gimp at work here.

  4. The reason the cities look different is the effect of cloud cover that occured over DC and such later that evening.  It dims the reception of the satellite photo.

  5. satellite photo is a fake.  It must have be a touched up photo that was taken on a clear night.  There were no optical-band satellites over the US that night.

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