New “Matrix Revolutions” trailer hits the Net.

On the off-chance you hadn’t already seen it: Matrix Revolutions.

I enjoyed the second movie despite it’s flaws. This trailer still sets me drooling.

5 thoughts on “New “Matrix Revolutions” trailer hits the Net.

  1. Awesome, I hope that the final movie reveals to us all once and for all the supreme power of the one true savior of mankind, Neo.  Why, I think I’m gonna go pray to Neo right now, and ask him to be my savior and personal best friend. 

    Forget Jebus, Neo is my savior!

  2. Well, I take that back.  What I meant to say was that I want to see Neo and Jesus go at it in a Quake death match, then I will accept the winner as my savior (Jesus Freakin’!)

  3. CG, if you think it’ll make any difference then you go right ahead and pray. You’re getting into a very long line of, so far, unsuccessful people though.

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