New DBZ and Inu Yasha episodes due soon on Cartoon Network.

Despite the fact that this isn’t really an anime news site like the one I used to run, I still get the occasional email asking about anime news. For some reason I’ve gotten a lot of email lately about Dragonball Z and Inu Yasha on Cartoon Network. Here’s what the fine folks over at Anime News Network have to say about it:

Anime News Network – New DB and IY episodes on Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network will premiere new episodes of Dragon Ball beginning September 1st at 5:30pm EST. Additionally, the network will present a Dragonball Z movie each Friday in September.

9/05 – Bardock: The Father of Goku
9/12 – The History of Trunks
9/19 – Cooler’s Revenge
9/26 – The Return of Cooler

Meanwhile, new episodes of Inu Yasha started on Cartoon Network last night at midnight, with the broadcast of episode 37, “Man Who Fell In Love With Kagome.” New episodes air Monday to Thrusday on Adult Swim.

So, there you go. Now stop bugging me about it.

13 thoughts on “New DBZ and Inu Yasha episodes due soon on Cartoon Network.

  1. Listen I’m looking for realy good pics of Inu yasha aand i want to know if anyone has any that they think are really goo send ‘em to me. It doesn’t matter who. My email addy is: You can e-mail me any pics or just write for the sake of writing and we can talk ‘bout inuYasha

  2. I recently started watching Inu Yasha myself. Great series! I’m currently working my way through the graphic novels, and can’t seem to get enough smile

  3. i lost inteest in inu-yasha recently but i have found a new show. outlaw star has got to be my most favorite one so far.

  4. i just became a fan of inu-yasha but cartoon network just started the series from the beginning again I just want to know if the inu yasha series is complete and all the episodes have been made

  5. what time is inuyasha shown on cartoon network in adult swim??? i just want to ask coz im a big fan..and nice evil site…

  6. when does inu yasha tell kagome that he loves her??? and does Sesshoumaru ever fall in love? and with who?

  7. i need more pic of INu-yasha and kagome red face please i need them i am a big fan of INu-yasha

  8. were can i get she story line of Inuyasha i wanna know when Inuyasha tells kagome he loves her and they kiss!!!!!!!!

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