Naughty tagline is now gone.

OK, I’ve had a number of people express concern about reading my blog at work because of the word “fuck” in the tagline of the logo so I’ve bowed to the pressure of my adoring fans and removed the offending tagline. You can once again cut into your productivity by wasting time reading my site at work.

Though when you think of how often I used the word “fuck” in my entries you’d realize that the tagline should be the least of your worries… wink

15 thoughts on “Naughty tagline is now gone.

  1. wow. i honestly never even considered taht it might be offensive. Sorry you had to take it down but look forward to seeing you say fuck a lot in your posts…lmao

  2. I don’t think they thought it was particularly offensive, they were just worried that people walking by their desks would notice it and make a big stink about it.

  3. “Fuck” is offensive? Since when?
    Really, if people are reading blogs at work and somebody rats on them/they get caught the tag line on your site is the least of their worries.

  4. One of my favorite comments on that word as a cultural element, was in reference to the Irish. “Oh, it’s very commonly used over there…it’s considered a replacement for a comma.”

  5. Wow, I must say that now my removal of the tagline has actually garnered more outcry than my use of it in the first place. That’s something I never expected. Now I’m all indecisive about whether I should put it back. You people confuse me. 😡

  6. Fuck is basically my favorite word and I use it as all parts of speech myself(no I haven’t been in the military).  Blogs are supposed to be for our self expression and if you edit yourself then your not being true to yourself.  What makes your site is so cool is that you say what you mean and mean what you say.  Just my :twocents:

  7. Dont go changing just to please people who should be working anyway.  If you’re going to do that why not have a monument to the ten commandments as your tagline.  They should quit their jobs or convince their superiors of the educational value of your writing. Anyway I shall be the first out there wearing my “Put the Fuck back in SEB” T-shirt.  Just one little query though, isn’t it still there? I can see it as I type.

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