More fun with Blackout 2003

Woke up to the sound of my pager going off this morning around 10AM. Message from the boss letting me know about three or four meetings that will happen tomorrow morning at which the decision will be made if people such as myself will need to head into work to lend a hand. In short, it’ll be 1PM before I’ll hear one way or the other and my presence isn’t needed in the teleconferences before that point which left me wondering why I was paged this morning. If you’re not going to decide until tomorrow then tell me tomorrow. I was sleeping in, dammit.

Seeing as I was already up I checked out the news. Looks like DTE here in the Detroit area has managed to get power back to all their customers overnight though their system still isn’t at full capacity so they are warning that if people go nuts with the power usage they’ll initiate rolling blackouts. We’re still under a boil-water advisory, but it looks like the worst of it is over for now assuming the system remains stable.

Shouldn’t be too much longer before we start getting reports on how much this blackout will have cost businesses and government. Just the short visit we made to Meijer’s yesterday gave an idea of how much loss just one store was about to take. All of the milk, eggs, fresh juices and other perishables were blocked off with big signs indicating they weren’t for sale. I tried to guess just how much loss that amounted to and then I multiplied that by the number of stores in my area alone. Ouch. Shouldn’t be more than a couple of weeks before the lawsuits start flying.

1 thought on “More fun with Blackout 2003

  1. Yall Yankees ought to prepare mo’ better.  We all here in Florida can’t count, can’t decide what to do with 6 year old Cuban boys, and can’t keep track of kids in the child welfare system, but we have grocery stores with generators.  Very popular places during storm- induced power outages.  Your Yankee Robber Barons should invest in them thar generators, instead of squirreling their money away so

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