Michigan legislators want to teach “Intelligent Design” in Michigan.

I was wondering how long it would be before this issue raised it’s ugly head in my home State once again. Looks like it’s time to look up my representatives and start raising holy hell, if you’ll pardon the pun.

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On July 17 House Bill 5005 was introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives and referred to the Education Committee. HB 5005 endorses “teaching the design hypothesis as an explanation for the origin and diversity of life.”

House Bill 4705, introduced in 2001, contained the same provisions and some of the same sponsors as HB 5005. The 2001-2 Education Committee took no action on HB 4705. The full text of HB 5005 follows:


July 17, 2003, Introduced by Reps. Hoogendyk, Moolenaar, Drolet, Voorhees, Vander Veen, Bradstreet, Ehardt and Tabor and referred to the Committee on Education.

  A bill to amend 1976 PA 451, entitled “The revised school code,” (MCL 380.1 to 380.1852) by adding section 1164.

  Sec. 1164.  (1) The teaching in a public school science class of the methodological naturalism hypothesis as an explanation for the origin and diversity of life shall not preclude also teaching the design hypothesis as an explanation for the origin and diversity of life. A public school official shall not censor or prohibit the teaching of the design hypothesis.
(2) As used in this section:
(a) “Design hypothesis” means the theory that life and its diversity result from a combination of chance, necessity, and design.

(b) “Methodological naturalism hypothesis” means the theory that nature is all there is and that all phenomena, including living systems, result only from chance and necessity. 

July 28, 2003

I’ll be paying close attention to this one and to who the legislators are who vote for it. Keep your religious nonsense out of science class.

20 thoughts on “Michigan legislators want to teach “Intelligent Design” in Michigan.

  1. They’re talking about this in my staet as well.  As a teacher, I am naturally concerned.  The best way to deal with this in the classroom would be to present both perspectives simultaneously, and make it a major term project to have the kids critique and compare each side-by-side.  In other words, don’t “teach”, but rather have them explore and critically evaluate the issues (as un-American as this may be).  Creationism will lose hands down (in your classroom, anyway).

    The problem is that there are all too many educators out there all too willing to preach dogma as opposed to promoting critical thought, since they themselves are afraid of it.

  2. True, on the surface it would not seem to be a bad idea to teach creation theory side by side with evolution but it is just one more thinly veiled attempt to get religion, christian religion, into the schools. Will we also be forced to teach creation theories from other religions? How about theories that we came from the stars or were planted here by beings from other planets? Why not, I mean if we are going to turn science into a great muddied mass of ‘what ifs’ then ALL theories should be taught. Isn’t it bigoted of us not to consider the Raelian point of view, the Hindu, the Scientologist? Why teach anything at all, maybe the “truth” will come to the students in visions or dreams.

    I never thought I would live long enough to see a movement to DECREASE the quality of education in our schools. Maybe instead of teaching math we can teach guesstimation.

  3. If you are at all interested following this link will take you to a very good article regarding Intelligent Design and the problems inherent in teaching it as an alternative explanation.

  4. Let me hasten to add that I agree completely – these fundamentalist demands have no place in our education system.  My previous post regarded options available to teachers should legislators in their state force them to include such clap-trap in their curricula(the worm may very well turn in that direction).

  5. Honestly, I’d love to see more comparative religion classes in schools. Religion is an important part of a lot of people’s lives yet most folks are only familiar with their own personal religion. Many Christians could benefit from a better understanding of the differences between, say, the Catholic and the Baptist denominations let alone the differences between Christianity and Islam.

    Of course, comparative religious classes quickly come under fire from the fundamentalists who don’t want their kids to learn anything about other religions because it might promote tolerance.

  6. Hey, I was in total agreement with you about Beyonce Knowles too! God-DAMN she’s fine!

  7. Comparitive religion! What a cool topic.  I’ve got a lesson that has kids look at Prometheus, Lucifer, Jesus, Coyote… all tricksters and/or rabble-rousers that bring “truth” to humanity, and in so doing raise the wrath of The Authority. A lot of administrators don’t like it much.

  8. I feel sorry for you. Obviously the devil has got a good grip on you and being an atheist you don

  9. A public service for our ebonically gifted friends from citizen “ilovegrace”…

    Yo buss dis. I feel sorry fuh you. Obviously de devil has gets a bad assed grip on you an’ bein an atheis you don

  10. Ilovegrace…although I completly agree with your point, being a believing christian myself, I think we need to be compassionate to the unsaved.  Ok? 

    “and frankly I don

  11. Whenever I see comments such as those by Ilovegrace I always wonder whether are these remarks meant as a troll for response.

    I mean you know such people exist, you sometimes read about it and once in a while see them standing in the corner of the street shouting stuff like the devil’s grip on the world is tightening and the like.

    “we don

  12. Speaking of street preachers…  one who was on campus a while back asked if anyone had oral sex.  When a bunch of hands went up, he gets this look of total disgust on his face, points around at us, and says “You put your mouth on it?!”. 

    Hell yeah!

    Wish I had a picture of him at that moment.

  13. Pop Tarts, I try to hold out hope that those people are trolls, but I got the same exactly message sent directly to me via email so I’m pretty sure this was your garden variety nutjob just passing through.

    They’re kinda like skunks in that way. Not overly pleasant when they wander by, but if you leave them alone they’ll keep on going and the stench will soon pass.

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