Lieberman claims only he has chance to defeat Bush, says Dean nomination is “ticket to nowhere.”

Is it just me? Or does Lieberman sound like he’s in the wrong political party?

Yahoo! News – Lieberman: Dems Must Shun Gov’t Programs

WASHINGTON – Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman warned Monday that his Democratic rivals threaten to send the party “into the political wilderness” with a return to big-government programs and less-than-strong stands on national security.

Lieberman did not name any of his opponents but took a shot at their political stands on a range of issues.

He criticized Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt’s plan to provide health care for nearly all Americans and his opposition to trade treaties such as the North American Free Trade Agreement.

He assailed those who opposed the U.S.-led war against Iraq—former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, Sen. Bob Graham of Florida, Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio former Illinois Sen. Carol Moseley Braun and Al Sharpton.

Lieberman is positioning himself as the foil to Dean, whose campaign has taken off on his criticism of Bush’s tax cuts and the conflict in Iraq. Lieberman said those positions “could really be a ticket to nowhere.”

Well, one way to ensure I don’t vote Democrat in the next election would be to allow Lieberman to win the nomination. I don’t like him any better than G.W. so it’d be replacing one evil with another that’s just as bad in my mind.

9 thoughts on “Lieberman claims only he has chance to defeat Bush, says Dean nomination is “ticket to nowhere.”

  1. On defense, Lieberman is only speaking the truth.  I believe a large majority of the people feel a strong defense policy is a current necessity.  Our prosecution of the war on terror will obviously benefit Israel, where I am told there are many Orthodox Jews, just like Joe buddy.  I don

  2. So Mild Bill, we’re supposed to allow a critical mass of bigotry determine whom we elect? If Leiberman is nominated, I don’t think I’ll be able to muster up the energy to drag myself to the polls. There’s just too little difference between him and Bush. But I sure as heck wouldn’t rule out a Jew just because “Arabs would go completely bonzo” or write off Powell because white supremicists wouldn’t like it.

  3. He’s for a strong defense alright – of Israel!  He’s also silent (to Democrats, anyway) on the issue of getting rid of Bush’s tax cuts.  The Democrats aught to give him his walking papers.

    As for anti-Semitism, I agree with Lilibet – that is a sorry-ass reason to object to Joe.  Interestingly, however, Joe himself is quite friendly with powerful organizations of freaked-out Christian fundamentalists (e.g. Ashcroft) whose strong support of Israel relates to their belief that Jewish possession of the holy land is a prerequisite to the 2nd coming of Christ (which will then supposedly precipitate the Christian conversion of a small number of Jews, and the relegation of the rest to the torments of Hell!).  Way to keep the faith!

  4. Lilibet and Ken

    I think you misunderstood me and I was prepared for this eventuality.  That

  5. Bill,

    I agree that Powell’s life might be in danger if he were to run for president – particularly if he were to run in 2004 as an independent as a few whacky idealists have suggested.  He would probably die in a small-aircraft accident similar to those that recently killed Carnahan, Kennedy Jr., and Wellstone.

  6. Konspiracy Ken

    Are you implying something diabolical?  Airplanes have been known to crash with no intervention from the United Nations’ black helicopter units you know smile

  7. (Charon gasps)

    Have they!!?  Um . . . maybe it wasn’t the UN ones . . . maybe it was the M12 and their connections with the (Charon looks at the sky) seven ft. tall Greys! wink (Not the Little Greys – they’re the nice ones).

  8. The UN had nothing to do with these incidents – they lack the unified will.  Nor were aliens involved, as this administration lacks that sort of imagination.  It was a wet-boy from Missouri with a penchant for aircraft.

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