Latest site design now up and running.

Well, I think I’ve got the new layout working pretty well so I’m going to start using it even though I’m not 100% completely finished with it yet. As you can see I went with a slightly less-psychotic pic in the final design, but I kept the new tag line cause I liked it too much to let it go. Apologies in advance to dial-up users who stop by as the big honkin’ graphic will probably make this a fairly slow loading layout, but it looks better than the old one so you’ll just have to deal.

Expect to see minor tweaks here and there as I continue to work old elements into the new design. With any luck I’ll get the other sub-pages of the site changed over to the new design before too long as well.

18 thoughts on “Latest site design now up and running.

  1. Yea! Yea!  I love this layout with the new pic much, much better honey!  There’s the SexyMONster I love and know:-)  LOL!

  2. My God The Evil One really is my own flesh and blood, just a little uglier than me!!!  The picture proves that!! Seriously(if I could be) As a dial up   there was just a momentary delay and yes I agree the new design is eyecatching and Unique!!!

  3. Considering your own webpage, the irony in the above statement is almost overwhelming.

    Heh, you’re just jealous of my ruggedly handsome good looks.

  4. colors pretty. layout confusing. maybe it’s cuz I’m used to the stuff on the right being on the left….

  5. Yeah, I may tweak it a little yet. Not sure if three columns is the best way to go. I need to donate to Blogrolling so I can break the size of that list down a bit. Or move it to a separate page or something.

  6. Like the new layout, but…

    The original pic was much more evil.

    The current one, just doesn’t scream “EVIL!” the way the other one did.

  7. Yeah, but it makes my wife feel better. Sometimes a guy has to make some minor sacrifices so his wife will be happy. grin

  8. I totally and completely love it.

    One of these days I’m going to figure out how to make the blockquote show up as boxes like the very cool blue that you have going on.  And I want to add several other things, but I have to do it myself.  The hard way.  Screw it up so badly that when I fix it, I feel like I learned something.

    It’s the way I learned HTML, I guess I have the “sink or swim” learning brain.

    Or something.

    Anyway….I totally love it, Les.  Muy bonita!

  9. Doug, I’m looking at figuring out how to skin the site and when I figure it out I’ll bring back the previous design as a skin you can choose. So they’re not gone forever. I still have coffee mugs and clocks available at my Cafe Press store with the old retro style on them if you want one. grin

    Margi, the secret lies in CSS. It’s a lot easier to do than you think. You can basically use CSS to alter what any of the standard HTML tags do when you use them.

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