Keith needs content.

More referral madness again. Came across by a fellow named Keith who has me in his blogroll and hasn’t said anything bad about me on his blog. Truth be told, it’s a little on the sparse side content-wise which is probably why he hasn’t said anything bad about me yet.

So, I thought that in the spirit of community I’d point folks to his site with the suggestion that we all try and give him some topic ideas to make entries on. He sounds like a pretty interesting fellow based on his About Me entry in that he teaches Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry at Adrian College and gets to occasionally blow shit up.

You’ve got to appreciate a guy who can land a job where he gets to blow shit up and pretend it’s for purely educational purposes.

So I figure he’s got a brain, just needs some topics to expound upon and that’s where we come in. So go to his site and start leaving suggestions in his comments and let’s see if we can’t get him up and running.

8 thoughts on “Keith needs content.

  1. Thanks for the referrals.

    I have been away on vacation for a few weeks so the posting has been really slow.  I appreciate the encouragement and I really enjoy reading your blog.

    I am tinkering with switching over to TypePad…it seems easier to use and gets me away from some of the problems I have with my current host (no XML support and slow response from the uberhost.)

    I’ll try to up the content… wink  and yes, blowing up stuff is pretty fun, so is teaching responsible explosions to my students.  I’ll try to post some pics.

  2. Not a problem. I hope it brings you some new readers. You’re off to a good start and I’m looking forward to seeing pics of you guys blowing shit up.

  3. i believe that most of u ballbags dont really know what your talking about, jesus read this crap and think 2 yourself…..maybe your thinking to much!!!!!!!

  4. just want 2 point out that i do not appreciate the british flag beside my name. i am irish not fucking enging scum!!!

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