In search of new smilies.

Hmmm. Looks like I need to find some new smilies. Was visiting one of the better art websites on the net known as Deviant Art and tried to login to the user account I have registered there only to be told I’d been banned for violating their policies.


I didn’t think I had done anything wrong so I started checking around the site to see what policies I might have violated. Then it hit me. The smilies. I did grab quite a few from Deviant Art (along with various other places that collect smilies), but I had been under the impression we were free to do so. Granted, I didn’t check into it as much as I probably should have, but that’s the only thing I can think of that would result in my being banned. Looking around the forums I found a couple of threads where they talked of other sites having ripped smilies from DA so I’m going to assume that must be the problem.

Seeing as I didn’t intend any harm I’ll do the right thing and remove them from SEB and replace them with a set that I am sure was released with the intention that they be used by others. So if you folks out there know of smilies that the creators won’t have a problem with me using drop me a note or send me a link and I’ll check them out. Once I get the replacements in place I’ll send a formal letter of apology to the folks at DA.

*sniff* I’m going to miss the pirate smiley.

7 thoughts on “In search of new smilies.

  1. I was recently banned as well and was told by a staffer there that someone using my IP addy was abusing the site.  Of course, it’s their fault for openly advertising everyone’s IP.  Silly me, I didn’t even pay attention to the fact that they did that.  I left two months ago and recently received an email from Deviat Art that said I have now had my IP permanently banned for continuing to abuse the site.

  2. deviantart sucks like that, always so quick to ban ya…..i may be mistaken, but aren’t smiley’s supposed to be *used*?

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