I need your advice like I need another hole in my head…

Another reason why I’m not a do-it-your-selfer…

ABC13.com: Woman survives accident that imbedded nail in her brain

(8/05/03 – DALLAS)—A Dallas woman is resting in the hospital after accidentally giving herself a new hole in the head with a nail.

This past weekend, Roxanne Kirtley tried to rebuild her fence. During the project, Kirtley stood up under the fence and a nail went into her skull. Doctors decided they had no choice but to go into Kirtley’s head and remove the two-inch nail.

The news article even has a cool x-ray of the woman’s head. This item is the debut of a new category here at SEB called simply OUCH where I’ll be collecting disturbing items such as this one. Incidentally, did anyone else notice that they misspelled the word “embedded” in the news story above?

4 thoughts on “I need your advice like I need another hole in my head…

  1. According to my handy Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary – Imbed var of Embed. I agree that they probably DID misspell it but they just happened to misspell it properly.

  2. Roxanne Kirtley is my friend’s stepmom. I don’t know if it makes it any better, but she didn’t do it to herself. It was an accident. He was holding the gun getting ready to nail a board up and she stood up really quick and got it in the head. So I don’t know if that makes it any better, but it wasn’t really her fault… well I guess it was, but she didn’t do it to herself. smile

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