Holy shit! Image of St. Padre Pio in toilet prevents suicide!


Overwhelmed by despair, Farbinger, a 28-year-old teacher’s aide from Detroit, planned to stab herself in the heart and bring it all to an end.

But then a miracle happened.

“I locked myself in the bathroom at my school and I had the knife in my hand,” she recalls. “But before I could actually commit the act, a brilliant light suddenly filled the room and I saw the image of St. Padre Pio in my toilet.

Apparently the bathroom mirror had been pre-booked by a convetion of Raeleans leaving the toilet as the only means of other-worldly communication.

Farbinger has since turned her home into a shrine to St. Padre Pio, complete with framed pictures and worship candles.

“I wouldn’t be alive if St. Padre Pio hadn’t come to me in my darkest moment,” she says. “I owe him everything I have today. I can never repay him for his remarkable kindness, so I honor him every chance I get.

“Some people think I’m crazy, but I don’t care. A miracle happened in my life and I want the whole world to know about it.”

On the one hand I tend to think it’s a good thing when people decide not to kill themselves. On the other if it results in them running around babbling about Saints in their toilets all the time then perhaps it’s not as great a thing as it first appears to be.

Well, if nothing else, at least she seems to be happy for a change and that’s always a good thing. grin

Update: As has been pointed out in the comments already, this is a Weekly World News story out of Yahoo’s Entertainment and Gossip section. Just in case folks got the impression it was real.

5 thoughts on “Holy shit! Image of St. Padre Pio in toilet prevents suicide!

  1. You do realize that this is from the Weekley World News, don’t you? It’s in the Entertainment section of Yahoo!

    You got the stupid part right. Maybe if you actually read the article…

  2. Yeah, I realized that shortly after I posted it. I was going more for the humor factor than anything else with it anyway. grin

  3. The fact u are making fun of someone who is being beautified and might become a saint is horrible.
    I am doing a religion project on padre pio and came across this site and i know u dont care but that is ridiculous what u are doing

  4. What’s ridiculous is your inability to spell out the word “you” combined with your inability to capitalize proper nouns.

  5. Padre Pio was a fraud.  Why do you think that he always wore gloves?  Always.  Except after he had stabbed himself.

    You don’t need supernatural explanations for why some priest’s hands bleed, so I don’t know why you (you ill-defined religious person out there somewhere) would DEMAND a supernatural explanation.  The easiest and still a completely satisfactory explanation is that it was a scam.  Quite frankly, I sort of expect to see Padre Pio every time I look in the toilet.



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