Hollywood blames Texting for summer movie flops.

According to this news story the folks in Hollywood are blaming the rise of Texting, using your cell phone to send instant text messages to your friends, for the really piss-poor performance of so many summer blockbuster movies this year.

The problem, they say, is teenagers who instant message their friends with their verdict on new films – sometimes while they are still in the cinema watching – and so scuppering carefully crafted marketing campaigns designed to lure audiences out to a big movie on its opening weekend.

“In the old days, there used to be a term, ‘buying your gross,’ ” Rick Sands, chief operating officer at Miramax, told the Los Angeles Times. “You could buy your gross for the weekend and overcome bad word of mouth, because it took time to filter out into the general audience.”

But those days are over, because the technology of hand-held text-message devices has drastically cut down the time it takes for movie-goers to tell their friends that a heavily promoted summer action movie is a waste of time and money.

Here’s an idea: Try putting out movies that aren’t totally craptastic and then the speed at which word-of-mouth reviews of your films travel these days might actually end up working in your favor for a change. A good place to start would be to beat some sense into everyone who had anything to do with League of Extraordinary Gentleman and Gigli.

3 thoughts on “Hollywood blames Texting for summer movie flops.

  1. Since most movies aren’t plot driven and tend to be star-vehicles (all because studies indicate that J-Lo is popular with girls age 15-22 and males 50-65) they will have a very limited appeal for any thinking person. Until the movie industry realizes that tricking us into the theather to watch a super hyped celluloid suckfest is not as smart as crafting an interesting story that will bring praise, they can expect declining box office returns. At 37 I may be outside of their preferred demographic but I used to go to see a movie a week as a kid, as I aged my tolerance for crap diminished. Sadly most of the movies worth seeing might hit a local art house for a week or two without much fanfare so I end up missing it until it hits DVD.

    At least there are no crying babies, drunken idiots, or asswipes with their cell phones on in my apartment.

  2. C’mon guys.  You’re suggesting that they invest money in WRITERS rather than ACTORS?!?  Alas, this will never happen.

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