Headed into the wilds of OtisVille..

Don’t know how much posting I’ll get in today. We’re headed up to OtisVille to check in with the folks in a two-fer-one birthday trip. Court’s was a week and a half ago and mine’s Monday and the power-outage last weekend canceled our original plans to make the trek then so we’re doing it now. With any luck they’ve won the lotto since last week and are waiting to shower Courtney and I in expensive and frivolous gifts, but if not I’ll be happy to settle for a pleasant afternoon eating a little cheesecake with my family.

1 thought on “Headed into the wilds of OtisVille..

  1. Fat chance buster, I don’t do lotto either.  You get blog questions, roast beef, and our undying love.  Happy “Brithday” *(family joke) Evil one!!!!!

    * For years the kids had homemade cakes with the birthday spelled wrong and they didn’t say anything.  Either I scared them to death or they couldn’t spell either!!!!!

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