Happy B’Day to me.

Well, I’m 36 today. Woke up half-hour earlier than usual as Courtney goes back to school today and so I tend to get up at the same time as she does to ensure she makes it through her morning routine. Was hoping for a sudden blinding flash of wisdom and experience to hit me now that I’ve aged another year only to realize I’m not a whole lot smarter than I was yesterday, just older.

I did receive a very interesting email this morning from someone who felt compelled to write me after seeing my website that I will share with you all a bit later on today. Right now I need to finish getting some breakfast in me and trudge off to work for a few hours at least.

21 thoughts on “Happy B’Day to me.

  1. :happy: Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday Dear Le-es…you impossibly ancient athiestic stupid evil bastard…Happy Birthdayyyy…tooooo…yooouuu!

    Wait ‘til you hit 40 and wake up with broken bones you didn’t have when you went to sleep smile

  2. Thank you everyone. So far I can’t complain. My 35th year wasn’t too shabby so with any luck my 36th will be even better. I’ve got a great family, wonderful friends and relatively good health. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

  3. Hippo Birdie Two Ewe!  Hippo Birdie Two Ewe!  Hippo Birdie Deer Eeee-we! Hippo Birdie Two Ewe! Les, I hope your wildest dreams come true smile And just think, it could be worse, you could be heading for the double nickel like me – lol

  4. And now, a birthday song from Hesh of “Sealab 2021”:

    “You’re one year older, One year wiser!
    Rock and roll star, king, czar, and a kaiser!
    A roomful of friends, A mouthful of cake,
    Every present is for you, And it feels pretty great!
    You’re the man of the hour, The V.I.P.
    You get the first slice, Of the P-I-E,
    But first blow out the candles, And make a wish,
    Put a smile on, ‘Cause it’s your birthday, Bitch!”


    If anyone has a chance, please go to the August 1st post for

  6. Happy birthday, ya old coot.
    I can say that cuz even though we’re not that far apart in years, you’re still older than I am. :p

  7. Happy Birthday Les!  Sorry I didn’t write this sooner, but my internet connection was gone for a couple of days (yeah, right).

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your site.  Very, very much indeed.  And don’t worry about being a year older.  On the 24th you were, 35.997 years old, and a day later 36.  Not that bad.  You’re still 2.5 years younger than I am.

    You’ve really got me thinking about starting my own blog at chairbreaker.com.  I’m just leary of the time I’ll have to put into it.  Still, it would probably be a good thing.

    Thanks again, Les.

  8. Not a problem CB, thanks for the good wishes and I’m glad to hear you enjoy the site. As for starting your own blog, I say go for it. How much time you put into it is up to you. There are plenty of scripts to make life easier and there are plenty of people willing to let you use their designs, or design one for you, that coming up with a layout shouldn’t be too hard.

    Mine would be much better if I devoted more time to it than I do, but it’s not bad for what it is. grin

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