George W. Bush’s Theology of Empire.

One of my biggest problems with the Bush administration is its insistence, particularly by Bush himself, in engaging in a near-constant mixing of religion and politics. I’ve pointed out previously how Bush’s Evangelical tendencies are obviously shaping his thinking and policy decisions. My clear support for separation of Church and State has gotten me a reputation with some folks for being anti-religious, but you don’t have to be an atheist, or even a non-Christian, to see the danger that lurks in the Bush administration’s religiously fueled thinking.

In fact, an article titled Dangerous Religion from the folks at Sojourners Magazine raises many of the same concerns and arguments I have made in the past.

The much-touted Religious Right is now a declining political factor in American life. The New York Times’ Bill Keller recently observed, “Bombastic evangelical power brokers like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson have aged into irrelevance, and now exist mainly as ludicrous foils.” The real theological problem in America today is no longer the Religious Right but the nationalist religion of the Bush administrationone that confuses the identity of the nation with the church, and God’s purposes with the mission of American empire.

America’s foreign policy is more than pre-emptive, it is theologically presumptuous; not only unilateral, but dangerously messianic; not just arrogant, but bordering on the idolatrous and blasphemous. George Bush’s personal faith has prompted a profound self-confidence in his “mission” to fight the “axis of evil,” his “call” to be commander-in-chief in the war against terrorism, and his definition of America’s “responsibility” to “defend theׅhopes of all mankind.” This is a dangerous mix of bad foreign policy and bad theology.

Granted, this article does argue that the answer to this problem isn’t more secularism (while I obviously think more secularism would be the best solution), but rather good theology. Still, I’d be happy to settle for more good theology as expressed in this article over the bad theology being promoted by Bush and his cronies at the moment. I’ve always said that if more Christians practiced what is in the Bible I’d have a lot less of a problem with the religion as a whole. It’s a long, but very good read and one that Christian supporters of Bush would do well to take the time to consider seriously.

Who says atheists and Christians can’t ever agree on anything?

21 thoughts on “George W. Bush’s Theology of Empire.

  1. I personally do not think President Bush is mixing
    the religion of Christ with his foreign policy.
    Bush acts like a man who has no respect for the
    teachings and comandments of Christ.How for example can you justify the killing of around
    20,000 people most of who are innocent in bombing
    attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq in response to
    the death of 3000 innocent people on 9/11. Shorely
    this makes the terror of 9/11 even worst because
    the death toll is now 23,000.And OK,people say that Saddam was an evil dictator.This is true,and
    thank God he has gone from power.The only problem,
    is that George W Bush is also an evil dictator.The world seriously needs a cool headed
    and wise elder statesman in the presidency of the
    worlds only super power.When Bush goes,i think the whole world will quietly sigh THANK GOD.

  2. I am an arabic citizen whom suffering from g w bush`s stupid policy.I took this opportunity to inform the american that Arabic and muslim`s are not the american`s ennemies but completely the opposit, we do like to sirvive in peace, deal with all relegions and civilisations with love and respectto each other opinions. who gave the right to bush administration the right to impose their own point of views and ideas ? who told them that their are the perfect and the ideal ?
    An advice to americain people , do please teach your president how to make difference between a kingdom and a Republic(spain), and the difference between straggling against a settler occupying your land and terrorism….and finally do please save your selves and reputation contaminated already by your president policies against Arabic, Muslim and old freinds in all over the world, may god help us to keep peace.

  3. The Arabic man is quite right. If the rest of the world were to judge us on the basis of our crazies and extremists … like we are doing to the Arabic world … then we would be all bloody hell pissed-off and screaming at the top of our lungs about how unfair it is. Oh, wait, the world IS judging us by these ignorant clams that convey American ideals to the rest of the world: like Rush Limbaugh and that GWB dude, not to mention a whole bunch of other people. However, I wish to point out to Sami that we have no power to change it unless the people change themselves first and give a damn about something other than being right, beer, television, and whatever else we use to delude ourselves … sadly enough: you cannot tell something to somebody who will not listen, those that know it do not need to be told, and you cannot reason somebody out of a viewpoint when they did not arrive there by reason in the first place.
    American politics has become extremely distanced from real-life Americans over a long time, and now we are seeing the results of our apathy and their greed, and this complex soup of inane morality and religious claptrap that comes out of our government these days is destroying any standing we had with other countries, former friends, and undermining our ability to deal with real issues and threats.
    Oh, and has anybody been tracking the dollar against other currencies lately? Everybody can argue about this stuff as much as they want, but when we become the first world superpower reduced to third-power economic standing then people will stop arguing and start screaming … but it will be too late.
    Forget left, right, conservative, liberal, Xtian, Muslim categorizing. We have become a global citizen in the last few years, and we are not very good at it. The future lies in working with other countries of the world, no matter what color, religion or creed they may be of.
    Down the other path lies only the Wasteland.

  4. You can worry about Christ all you want. I don”t, he has god. He has found his place and has his work cut out for him. I worry about my brothers and sisters out there daily trying to find their way in the world run by a completely insensitive piece of dung. We need as a people in the USA and those needs are ignored. Respect is given to chosen interests that promote control and power for the chosen sons and daughters with no lag in step for the common people. The common people are taxed and ticketed and herded off to war so people that are chosen can have there wants filled, wile the needs of those common people go unattended. Just remember we are in a fish bowl. The ones that swim faster and push other fish out of the way can get a little more food than the other fish, at the expense of there standing in the bowl. Its the government that has the feeder.

  5. Hmmm. Checking the link that last poster left makes me wonder if this isn’t just another variation on comment spam. If so then these guys are becoming much more clever in disguising it.

  6. bush had good intentions for the world and america but the problem lies in how he sought to do it.instead of ridding the problems he made all of the new ones and it was much much worse than turning his back to world opinion he did what he thought was right but unfortunately NOT.we actually need to come TOGETHER and figure out HOW to end this .we cannot solve the world problm by ourselves, the U.S found out about this the hard way.two world war and still they never learn. by resorting to war, nobody win….nobody.

  7. This is so true…. It is not our leaders in this country that should hang their heads. Even though they have the power to make change, and refuse to do so. We the people must consort to overcome the our own demise. Now I am not talking revolution. I am talking about the pooling of effort to change the mess we are in. A like minded society is so hard to create but this is the time like no other. Please help to inform, educate and group with one candidate. I am sure you know that the diversity of running candidates cause the division of votes that reduce the likelihood of a upset. Unite as one for good and all will be reviled. Do we the people have a voice or are we all just slaves?

  8. What’s with the stupid and FAR TOO LARGE face at the top of the page?
    Ego fucking maniac!
    “look at me, my parents didn’t give me enough attention!”
    Stick with the message, why don’t you.

  9. Don’t you know? It’s all about me, baby. My website,  my fucking face plastered at the top of it. Big ego? Perhaps. One could argue it takes a big ego to run a blog. Your bitching about it only feeds it.

  10. oops… Sorry, I took a wrong link somewhere – didn’t mean to step in the middle of a group of insane anti-American liberals, who in the depths of their demented shit hole scatter like roaches when the light of truth is shined down on you!
    Though I think a man’s name says a lot about him, I won’t hold it agaisnt you …Les. I think your a damn good looking man anyway! Bit of a skitzy read, but I likes my mens that way. Hubba hubba!

  11. Well Bush, I guess you will now get the man you created (good O’l boy OSBL) to come out of hiding like the rest of your cockroaches that have been hiding every amendment to build wealth and move off shore so you do not pay tax but get the benefits from the people that do and rejoice over the capture of him, so your chance of reelection by the hay seeds that do not know what life is like for Americans outside the farm can line up and vote you in again. We can only hope that some of them get computers and open communications other than CBS and NBC nightly news and get the truth about you and your plans to fleece them. The loss of our Social Security, Civil Rights, and Health Care for your oil interests is a crime against the American people that will be your legacy for ever. Your billionaire buddies move to remove our security and chance for a retirement of any kind has been disguised as a homeland security package which is not at all designed for homeland anything. It has been designed to fund the bullying of a country for their resources (OIL) to be exact, on our future spent for your oil buddies wealth. Your crime is inexcusable. People in this country making over a million dollars a year will get a tax cut of over one hundred thousand dollars this year. Yet we are at a defect that is more now than ever. We spend over 991,000.00 a min. today with Bush in power. He is not a leader, he is a shopper with a credit card and we are paying the bill.

  12. Bush is in trouble and I think he knows it. But what he and his so called friends are trying to do to America isn’t anything new. They have been trying to get rid of the first amendment for years. Not just part of it, all of it!! What has changed is their tactics. It’s almost as if they have their own undergeound railroad and it’s moving at a terrifying rate.
    It’s like the worst scenario neo-facism, with a new inquisition right on it’s scaley tail. “Next friday, we’re going to have a lovely book burning in front of Abdul Nabwal’s house. For those of you not familiar with the area, that is just across from the collapsed abortion clinic and the fire bombed NAACP office”.

    Fucking shame!!!

  13. George Bush made up weapons of mass destruction so he could go into Iraq and steal all their oil. He waved at Stevie Wonder, so how smart can he be? If i had a dime for every time i heard the word ‘‘evil’‘, I could buy an oil company and run for president.

  14. What I would really like how our current administration would even for a moment think that they can make things work out? They have cut the American people off from the world by selling all values for oil. There alliance with Iraq and the justice system in Iraq now reflects American values. Iraq will do anything to hurt America because that is there structure at the core. So by choosing strategically there targets of justice like Ms Kazemi in a recent trail they can divide and concur or allies and destroy further our credibility in the world today. Bush you are one incredible piece of work to think you can make a deal with the devil and win, for the one that support you, through the pretence of freedom. People in this country are suffering every day and all you care about is the dollar that can be leached from the pain.

  15. I have made a couple of movies that take a little time to download because they are movies, not flash presentations on a website of my own called These movies tell how I fell about Bush and his present administration. Please take time to view them. There are no pop-ups or advertizing just good clean fun.

    1. called Mr. Bush’s Hood at
    Stop Motion Animation performed by Mr. Bush himself.
    Story line is to show the heavy unrest in our country and the tragic results of that unrest
    through eyes of innocence while Osama Bin Laudin continues to be free. Song lyrics are posted.

    2. called Bushwhacked Way at
    Live Action one take video animation performed by Jim Bullushi
    Story line is to show how or country is being held hostage to the patriot act and or policies
    are being changed to damage our way of life wile Bush gets richer and we get poorer.

    Both short animations are using Microsoft’s Windows Media Player for viewing on the web.
    Both pages open and the download starts immediately after the 3 meg file is downloaded they begin to play.
    These files are clean video files with no additional add ware or files attached. Song lyrics are posted.

    What ever you do please vote in Nov.

  16. Fuck Bush.  He’s a fuckin’bastard and a fuckin’ moron.  He has no fuckin’ education.  What a bitch!  Why’d they let him fuck it up for all of us.  I hate that son-of-a-bitch!  So fuck him and Cheney.  They can all take that and shove it up their asses!

  17. One more thing.  Bush, If you’re out there and you can see this, FUCK YOU!  Fuck you, you bastard!  Too many people are getting killed for no reason because of you!  Man, if I could see you right now, I would personally demand that you bend over and let me KICK YOUR ASS!!!

  18. First of all you have got to look at the numbers and where they came from. Bush/Cheney 51% Kerry/Edwards 48%+ Other 1%-,
    and the break down. LOOK OVER THE NUMBERS!

    You will find that small town, gun owning, on the average uneducated white conservative, republicans, independents, who are married and religious, made up his whole whopping 51% of American Voters that brought us back to the mournful state we are in now. Yes 48%+ of the American people are in morning still today after a bitter and hard fight for the presidency. If it was a fight to the death one would be dead and one would be close to it, but no. This is a fight that has not finished. Bush is like a school yard bully and has not learned a lesson yet. The last two large addresses have been gloating, and statements have been made like we will do it with them or with out them. He talks about bridging the gap, but does nothing to prove good will. To gloat over a victory and spit on his opponent and his people the way it is been done proves his worth. Now he will drag his mob through his next four years of policy making which he has designed in a way that even his top advisers do not want to be apart of. So, fellow Americans, stop thinking about suicide or moving abroad. Want to feel better? Eat a little crow, because it is darn sure a very little, then do something immediately, now, today. Figure out what you can do to help rescue the country. Four more years is not going to kill it. Even if the idiot runs us head long into more war, which seems to be one of his ways of building wealth for his billionaire friends, while the tax payer pays. Join something, call somewhere and offer to volunteer, find a politician you like at the local level and start helping him or her to move up. Push the dream along and the next time you run across a dumb hayseed on the campus or at school, don’t shut them out, God know I know how it feels to be shut out. I was one of them. Call them in and educate them, show them a computer and how they can learn.

    Take the lead in lend a hand to the efforts that will break down walls and help the country recover from what it has done to itself. Don’t mourn, organize. Keep the faith and always point out the way. If you are a runner in a race, and a large truck comes by, you can see the finish line, but the truck dumps a bunch of garbage on you, and you are now covered in garbage in the ditch, do you stop and die. NO! Dig out and keep up the fine fight for the finish. We do not have far to dig!!!!!!!!! Look at the numbers.

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