Freddy vs. Jason vs…. Bruce Campbell?

Now that the ultimate slasher-flick bad boy face off is about to hit screens in the form of New Line’s Freddy vs. Jason one has to wonder just how the hell could you possibly top such an over-the-top premise with any kind of a sequel?

Well according to the folks over at Creature Corner word has it you do it by tossing in yet another fan favorite horror character into the mix. Perhaps a common enemy for Freddy and Jason to team up against? Perhaps “Ash” from the Evil Dead movies?

Reliable sources have revealed that one of the current ideas being tossed around includes a scenario where Freddy and Jason would team-up against a common enemy: Bruce Campbell as Ash from the “Evil Dead” films. As crazy as it might sound, this concept has apparently been met with a great deal of enthusiasm in the upper-echelons of New Line Cinema. (Not to mention the degrees of separation: “FvsJ” producer Sean S. Cunningham directed Campbell in last years “Terminal Invasion” for the SciFi Channel.)

Talk about a horror movie fanboy’s wet dream. I have no idea how they could make something like that work, but then a lot of people thought a match between Freddy and Jason would never happen either so I suppose anything is possible.

23 thoughts on “Freddy vs. Jason vs…. Bruce Campbell?

  1. I was also thinking that Micheal Myers could take on the winner in the next film, sort of a supernatural movie serial killer tourney. That would be sweet. (in a geeky fanboy way, of course.)

  2. – or how about Michael Moore?  It could be a socially conscious expose/documentary …“Bowling for Elm Street”, or “Jason and Me”.

  3. Ash vs. the two freaks? Awesome.

    Freddy should still win, when push comes to shove, but no one is as cool as Bruce Campbell. Why isn’t he a bigger star, dammit?

  4. I never remember this until his name comes up (Bruce’s) but it turns out that I work with his brother. Who’d a thunk that Ash’s brother would be working a helpdesk in Troy. raspberry

  5. Bruce Campbell has to be one of the most unrecognized recognized people in Hollywood. He’s been lots of movies (not just the ED movies), numerous TV appearances and behind the camera tons of times. But nobody remembers who he is (except for us fans though)

  6. Ash vs. Freddy and Jason?  fucking AWESOME.  in my geeky little mind that’d come close to equaling my other wet dream, the X-files/Twin Peaks/Silence of the Lambs crossover (in any combination thereof).  that’s separate from my PS2 dream where Ash is in Silent Hill—seems too much to hope for, but then whoever thought “The Professional” would team up with Onimusha.

  7. I think that Micheal Myers should be in the next movie. That would be fun to see three guys that can’t die face off.

  8. i think that ash should come into a flick to fight against all three of those non-dying bastards (Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Vorhes)…if ash can take on the Necrinomicon and kick it’s ass…then I would like to see him kick all three of their asses and just for soething funny to think about cross Ash over with the X-men…oh the possibilties1!!!even if it’s just a cameo on behalf of Morph

  9. freddy vs jason vs ash?  interesting idea but as much as i dont want it, ash will die.  freddy and jason dont die.  would be nice seeing jason/freddy/micheal vs …….pinhead or something.

  10. I think that the two of them should just fight again, because at the end, you seen jason come out of the water with freddys head in his hand.  so, obviously jason was dreaming again.  myself, I think that that would be a great way to bring in a sequal.  Besides, to see a guy that can die so quickly(Bruce), would be so retarded to put in a movie with those two monsters.

  11. y dose freddy have to be in it shit the only thing he can do is fuck up my wet dreams i think if freddys in it it should be freddy and myers vs jason and jason will still kick some ass but what would be cool is a fore wad ass kick with freddy vs jason vs myers vs pin head but that wont happen as long as that faggot ash isnt in there i will be happy i hate that idea we need 4 horror icons not some dude that would get his ass kicked in the prossess the only thing with my idea with pin head is he would win becaus jason and myers are to dumb to fix the box and freddy will just get his ass handed to him but it would still be to cool to see as long at theres no ash and as long as new line makes it it will be good.

  12. In a movie such as Freddy and Jason vs. Ash, you have to think, yeah, those two monsters can’t die, but Ash is just a dude who has taken on the armies of the DEAD and still has not had his ass handed to him. So I think that if some guy who works in Housewares in a department store can whup-up on the legions of the undead, he can take two monsters who can’t die. The movie just wouldn’t end with anyone dying.

  13. As a huge “Evil dead” and “Army of Darkness” fan I can’t wait to see how this movie turns out… Nobody could beat Ash, I mean get over it.  He’s way too cool!

  14. I’d rather see ash in evil dead 4 than see him fight freddy and jason. It could work if it was directed by sam raimi. Only sam know how to torture Bruce properly.

  15. yah your right only raimi can properly torture campbell. I’ve listened to a lot of the comentaries for Bruces films and theres always plenty of torture stories. Thats why the films are so realistic right?

  16. Bruce doing a new evil dead, fighting Jason, Freddy or any demon would be killer. Bring it on!!!! It would be great to see Ash living again…  once more…

  17. dude for all u ppl who said jason is tha best ur fuckin right. dude jason wud kick freddi ash and mikes asses put 2getha jason fuckin rulz dude hed kill any1 and he shuda won on freddy vs. jason but i guess he didnt rele looz neither of them lost. i bet thurz gunna b anotha like freddy vs. jason 2. but jason will still kick any1z ass!

  18. dude ash sucks!!! JASON CAN KILL ANY1!!! every1 knoz it taht mike and ash suck and freddys ok i guess but jason cant die..and rele jason did win in freddy vs jason cuz wut tha hell is freddy gunna do all he has is his head. well maybe he can grow his body bak er sumtin but wuteva jason wud juss kill him again he fuckin rulz!!! hes a horror legand! c’mon! jason vs ash freddy mike FUCKIN GODZILLA AND HONG KONG!! jason lives!!

  19. Ash would live cause his the good guy man. For god sake he took on his evil self beat the hell out of the army of darkness etc. And also makes smart-ass comments man. So it will be cool that Ash would in it he might also have his metal hand with him!!!

  20. I can see how they could bring Ash into the next ‘Vs.’ movie,in ‘Jason goes to hell’ when the guy went into the old Voorhess house,he found a copy of the Evil dead Necrocomacon laying on what looked like an alter table of some kind.Jasons mother may have used it to bring him back from the dead and Jason may be some kind of rouge Deadite.Iwould like to see this movie,but,I think that Freddy should set this one out and have a go with Pinhead.The one that makes it to the next movie should get it on with ‘The Creeper’.

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