Even more fun with referer logs.

I run Textism’s Referer script on every page here at SEB which logs where people came to the site from. It’s more a matter of curiosity than anything else as it gives me an idea of which entries I’ve written get the most attention and also fills me in on new people who have bookmarked my site on their own blogs. Checking out where folks come from has introduced me to a number of other excellent blogs I might have missed otherwise. Occasionally it provides a bit of amusement as well when I come across folks like Lynn S. at Reflections in d minor who had this to say:

The signs that I am getting older and losing my mind are appearing with increasing frequency. I bookmarked this blog sometime in the last two days and I have no idea why.

Ya know, I get that kind of comment a lot. I can only imagine she was initially taken in by the light-hearted tone and warm and fuzzy nature of my commentary, but then I thought it might have been the deeper intellectual and philosophical underpinnings of my musings that caused her to bookmark this site. Perhaps it was simply my charming and bubbly personality that prompted her to make note.

I mean, how could anyone resist me? grin

6 thoughts on “Even more fun with referer logs.

  1. Huh…and I figured it was that brilliant guest bastard she was hoping to hear from. :drunk:

  2. I do that all the time – if I’m on weblogs trawling I’ll click on blogs with interesting names (in fact, I’m fairly certain that’s how I found you in the first place…) and go back and check them later to see if I want to blogroll them.

    Kinda rude how she phrased it, though, like it would take an act of senility to bookmark you.

    Ah well – I loves me some stupid evil bastards and ain’t nuthin’ gonna change that.  (Whoa – where did *that* accent come from?!?)

  3. I didn’t take any offense at her comments. The truth is I often have that effect on people in real life due to my off-beat sense of humor. Until folks get used to me I can sometimes be a little… disarming…. OK… disturbing. grin

  4. I don’t get by anyone’s blog as often as I’d like, but I always find something interesting to read here. She musta been drunk.

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