Don’t fuck with grandpa! Deal your drugs someplace else.

Now here’s a story that just goes to show you should always respect your elders, even if you’re a drug dealer:

Charleston.Net: Laying down the law 08/02/03

The last time police came by his Tripe Street home to investigate complaints about drug dealing in the West Ashley neighborhood, William Gates made it clear to them that he had had enough.

“I told the police, ‘Bring the coroner and body bags the next time you come out here,’ ” he said. “Nobody is going to run me out of my home.”

The coroner and body bags weren’t needed Friday morning because when Gates made good on his statement, he only wounded the men he shot. But it wasn’t for lack of trying.

“I shot to kill,” he said. “I’m not going to lie to you.”

3 thoughts on “Don’t fuck with grandpa! Deal your drugs someplace else.

  1. Grandpa rocks! The last thing the police should do is charge him, he should get a medal.

  2. This is just another example of the Bush Administration’s neoconservative, racist, facist, running dog lackey,socialist, communist, dentist, blah, blah, blah smile

    Actually, that old boy has spirit.  Could you imagine if this happened in a more “progressive” area of the country?  The old guy could have been charged with violating the gang bangers’ freedom of expression!

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