Busy, busy, busy…

No, I’m not ignoring you folks. Just been busy the last day or so. Seeing as Anne had to go take her final for one of her classes on Monday night she didn’t get to spend much time with me on my birthday. So I spent all of last night hanging out with her watching TV. Not exactly the greatest form of quality time, but it didn’t cost us any extra money that we don’t really have at this point in time.

I’ve had a couple of people send me some very complimentary emails and instant messages lately and I just wanted to thank them for taking the moment to let me know you’re enjoying SEB. We get a lot of negative feedback here so it’s always nice to get a little positive feedback from time to time. With any luck I’ll be posting a little more frequently as the week goes on.

2 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy…

  1. I am new to the site, but have found a lot to interest me here. I can’t say I always agree with you Les, but I do agree with your balanced approach to debating issues with people. Makes a nice change from the opinionated and self important masses in internet land. Big thumbs up all the way from the UK!!! :dance:

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