Being bored, having money key to teen drug use.

More fun with Studies That Research The Blindingly Obvious:

Study: Stress, allowance factors in teen drug use

WASHINGTON—Teenagers who are stressed, bored or have more than $25 in weekly spending money are twice as likely as other young people to get drunk, smoke or use illegal drugs, a survey released Tuesday finds.

Imagine that. Not having money makes it more difficult to buy drugs and alcohol. Who’da thunk it?

Are we really that stupid as a nation that we need to be told that bored kids will get into trouble?

8 thoughts on “Being bored, having money key to teen drug use.

  1. Has anyone EVER seen a study that revealed anything other than the obvious? Maybe in particle physics, but not in sociology, psychology, economics …

  2. I disagree. I’ve always been for decriminalizing weed. It needlessly fills prisons, wastes tax dollars, and is just generally a gigantic waste of law enforcement’s time. There is NO reason for it to be illegal, not as long as alcohol is legal.

    The only ones harmed by it are harmed due to it’s illegality, not the use itself.

    I’m a bit on the fence about other drugs. But my gut tells me that people should be allowed to do WHATEVER they want, so long as it harms no one else. So before anyone brings up impaired driving, crime, etc., I would point out that falls into “harming someone else”.

    People who smoke weed are no more “fucked up” than someone who drinks alcohol, and often less so.

    There. That oughta be good for an argument…

  3. Actually, I’m in agreement with you on this Brandi. I’ve long advocated for the decriminalization of marijuana and other recreational drugs. Take the money spent on the war on drugs and invest part of it in rehabilitation centers for those folks smart enough to realize they need to get help as they’re underfunded as it is and take the rest and pay off the national debt.

  4. We’d find a windfall of otherwise wasted funds just by decriminalizing. And it would stop those stupid anti-drug commercials that seem to want to suggest that pot makes 14 year old girls pregnant. They must have weed confused with low self esteem. That’s what gets them pregnant! (only slightly joking)

    I’ve never in my life known ANYONE who’s life was ruined by smoking pot. Aside from maybe getting a criminal record, but that just adds to the decriminalization argument. They would have otherwise been fine. Other drugs, coke, etc., yeah I’ve seen some tragedy. But even then it was mainly due to one aquiring a habit they can nowhere near afford. Secretaries making $8/hr. won’t do too well with a $700/week coke habit. But they could have just as easily ruined their lives buying Prada boots, so lets outlaw all temptations. There are many people who can afford it that can and do lead perfectly funtional lives. Sure, health risks. But you can’t legislate what people are going to do to their own health. Next thing you know the lifestyle nazis will bust down my door, take my mashed potatoes, and make me take a jog at gunpoint.

    As for pot, I’m sure we’ve all known “burnouts”, but these are usually the type of people that the pot is not to blame, it’s their personality. And they may not be the most productive people in the world, but they’re happy, not hurting anybody. Somebody has to paint the houses and put up the drywall. And the “burnouts” are still, unfortunately, the most widely known yet smallest representation of all the people who like to smoke a little weed. The majority are your bosses, your stock broker, your engineer, your venture capitalist. All walks of life. I’ve watched a 55 y/o self-made telecommunications billionaire fire up a joint. It’s just no big deal.

    I can’t even imagine anyone needing a rehab stint for pot. I’m sure it’s been mandated by courts somewhere, but it just isn’t necessary. I don’t consider it a problem in someone that needs to be solved, unless THEY feel like it’s a problem.

    Alcohol, saturated fat, cigarettes, and sugar are all far more addictive and harder on your body. In the heirarchy of things, weed is sorely misplaced. Who has ever seen a violent stoned person? They’re generally the most peaceful people you’ll ever meet, unless your job is to defend the Hostess Twinkies.

    I know some people with a stick up their ass who ought to be ordered by a judge TO partake of a little ganja! What a happier world it would be.

    Decriminalizing all recreational drugs has plenty of positive impact on our financial situation, as well as furthering personal liberty (which I hold dear). But I doubt I’ll see it in my lifetime. In the meantime, pot is a good place to start. Did we learn nothing from prohibition?


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