A big thank you to my readers.

I just wanted to take a moment to give all you folks who stop by and read the crap I write every day a great big “Thank You.” The number of folks stopping by and commenting since I did the Blogathon has grown quite a bit and you all have had some very interesting comments to read. I like to get people to think about things from a different perspective, but I also like being made to think of things from a different perspective as well and you guys certainly do a good job at that. Especially Mild Bill, whom I’m very surprised doesn’t have a blog of his own yet.

Anyway, I just wanted you folks to know how much I appreciate hearing from you on a daily basis. Even the nutcases who show up at least provide a little humor in my day. grin

10 thoughts on “A big thank you to my readers.

  1. Not sure which category I come under actually, 😮 all the same I do enjoy reading through the material on this site, and taking part in the occasional debate. Unlike many similar sites it does seem a little less inclined to degenerate into flame fests, with much more reasoning and debate, good job Les.

  2. Serai, for the record, I don’t count you among the loonies. grin

    MB, when you take over the world, just remember who planted the evil idea in your head in the first place and reward me with a small token of your appreciation. Something simple, like the island nation of the Bahamas would be all I’d need. Thanks.


  3. A big thanks back to you, Les, for creating such an enjoyable blog to read!  Since I discovered your blog a couple months ago, I’ve been reading it regularly, mainly because you always find interesting things to blog.  And, being a fellow atheist, I really enjoy the pure destructive power of your logic when you apply it to those misguided poor theists that believe they know how to argue.  Keep up the good work!

  4. Well…having only discovered your blog *this very week* I’ve got to say it’s one of the more entertainingly intelligent I’ve come across.  Thanks for writing!

  5. Les,
      I just came across your site yesterday and I have to say how happy you’ve made me. Since I lost my faith (Thank God) I’ve became painfully aware how few people there are that really think about what they believe or don’t believe. So it’s nice to find a site full of well thought out and entertaining discussions about religion and such non-sense.

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