I love Wide Open West for my broadband cable modem service. They just started offering a new “Ultra” service level here in Michigan. I signed up for it:

2003-07-15 18:55:53 EST: 3559 / 536

Your download speed : 3559974 bps, or 3559 kbps.  :O
A 434.5 KB/sec transfer rate.

Your upload speed : 536336 bps, or 536 kbps.  :O
Seems like broadband .. above the 1mbit barrier!

I think I wet myself.

1 thought on “Zoooooom!

  1. I wish we had a choice for DSL here. Unfortunately, we’re screwed. We have ONE option. ONE.

    We could go with Roadrunner….but they’ve had nothing but trouble here.


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