Yet more Burning Questions.

Once again from the list that The Minx sent me:

4] How do you plan to stay awake all night on the 26th? Probably by worrying about what the next entry I’m going to make will be. It’s now almost 8PM, there’s 13 hours to go, and I’m starting to struggle for things to talk about. Probably doesn’t help that I still need to eat dinner. Brain fuel’s a little low so I think after this entry I’ll go get some chow and see if that doesn’t help the thought train to get back on track.

2 thoughts on “Yet more Burning Questions.

  1. Okay – here’s a topic for an entry (speaking of food) – you’re on death row and are putting in your order for your last meal.  Anything you want – wine, ice cream, the works.  What would it be?

    I’ve seen the final meal requests of some of the inmates on death row in Texas and some have surprised me…a lot of fried chicken and cheeseburgers (???) but, oddly, a request for a post-meal cigarette is always denied.  I guess the corrections officers figure they’ll be smoking enough later on…

    Oh, that was bad.

  2. Give me a break… I’m sure… you had the food by then butthead.  You just weren’t shoveling it down your whiney little gullet.  I’ve been a supportive spouse.  I’m feeding you!

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