Wipe that smile off of your face!

The cafeteria here at work has a new napkin dispenser. Instead of dispensing individually folded napkins as the old one did, the napkins for this new one come on a roll. I’m finding it particularly disturbing because it’s too much like grabbing toilet paper and it doesn’t help that the napkins it dispenses are not far off from toilet paper in terms of quality. I’m not sure I want to wipe my mouth with these things. I’d be inclined to suspect that the cafeteria staff simply put out toilet paper except the thing clearly has the words “napkin dispenser” engraved on it by the manufacturer.

Makes you wonder if some toilet supply company suddenly thought to themselves, “Hey! If we just change the logo on this dispenser and make the sheets a little bigger we could push this thing off as a handy napkin dispenser and no one would ever be the wiser! Cha-CHING!”

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