Time for another Burning Question!

This time from Cindy once again:

4] Best video game as a kid. Hmmmm. If we’re talking the old Atari 2600 then my favorite game from that system was probably Decathlon from the folks at Activision. Mainly because it was a great party game you could play with up to four people. We used to get blisters from playing that stupid game. Activision’s Pitfall! probably ran a close second.

2 thoughts on “Time for another Burning Question!

  1. Ohhh, I loved Decathlon – there was that long distance race, where you had to wiggle the joystick back and forth to run? Talk about pain…

  2. Yep. Took us awhile before one of us realized that sitting there holding a joystick in our lap and wiggling it back and forth at a high rate of speed looked embarrassingly similar to some other, more private, activity to anyone who didn’t realize we were playing a video game.

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