This year’s Blogathon the most successful ever.

The Minx just pointed out to me that the official Blogathon site is reporting that the pledges from all the sponsors is now totaling over $83,096.41! We’re betting it will hit 85 Grand before the night is out.

While I’m at it, I’d like to take a moment and thank my good friend Michael Brady, whom I mentioned in my earlier entry on being a voice actor, for his signing up to sponsor me this evening. Of course it took my mentioning him to get him to sign up, but that’s OK because he’s worth it. He dropped me a note a little while back mentioning that he’s going to be at the next Dragon*Con coming up in Atlanta during the weekend of August 29th – Sept. 1st, 2003. This year is their first year for having any anime related stuff at the con and Michael’s going to be some of the panels there as well as performing a short story by Orson Scott Card with some fellow actors in a radio drama style. If you’re going to the con be sure to drop by and say hello to him and compliment him on having such fine friends as myself.

4 thoughts on “This year’s Blogathon the most successful ever.

  1. I’m going to D*C as well.  If I see him, I’ll say “Hi” for you. 

    BTW, he wouldn’t happen to know of anyone who has spare floor space for two unlucky saps whose friends all bailed on D*C after they had already bought their tickets would he?

  2. I don’t know if he does or not, but he may end up reading this so if he does know he might chime in. grin

  3. No spare floor space, I’m afraid, but I must offer a little clarification on what I’ll be doing at Dragon Con.  With the author’s permission, I will definitely be reading “The Porcelain Salamander,” by Orson Scott Card (aloud—watching me read it silently would be pretty boring) as a performance piece.  Just me, no one else, like listening to an audio book but with smells if you’re close enough.

    Not to be confused with my friends at the Atlanta Radio Theater Company, who will be there as they are every year, with—I think—performances scheduled for Friday and Saturday night.  The ARTC do fully cast live radio drama, and are really good at it.  I’ve performed with them before, and might again at this event, I’m not sure how it’ll end up, but what the ARTC does WON’T be anything in connection with Orson Scott Card.

    The short story is one I’ve done before with a lot of positive feedback.  It’s really a chance to see me do something that’s not restricted by the confines of anime, yet not a “Man of 1,000 Voices” tour de force either.  Just an excellent little fable told well, I hope.  It’s my favorite story by OSC, too.  I’ll have CD’s on hand to sell of some Edgar Allen Poe after the performance as well.

    Thanks Les, for mentioning it, and congratulations on beating your blogathon goal!


  4. Thanks Michael and sorry about messing up the description of what you were up to. It was late, my brain was fried and I jumbled things up.

    Again folks, if you get a chance to see Michael at the Con be sure to say hello!

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