The RIAA’s long fight ahead.

In a rather amusing article, the folks at The Inquirer are reporting that it could take awhile for the RIAA to sue every P2P file trader out there on the Net:

RIAA will take 2191.78 years to sue everyone

She said: “I pulled out my calculator to see just how long it would take the RIAA to sue all 60 million P2P music file traders at a rate of 75 a day. 60,000,000/75 = 800,000 days to subpoena each person or 800,000 days/365 days in a year = 2191.78 years to subpoena each person”.

Of course, they don’t have to sue everyone, just enough people to put a little fear in the rest and that’s part of why they’re mainly targeting people who have a couple hundred songs in their collection. Still, if they had intended to sue everyone I’d suggest they pick up the pace a bit or they may have to pay out some hella overtime.

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