The dead walk among us…

OK, not really. It’s just me dragging my sorry ass out of bed after trying to catch up on some of the sleep I missed out on during the ‘Thon. I’ve been up since 6:30PM or so and I’ve gotten some dinner shoved down my trap and I’m sitting here in my shorts thinking that pillow still seems awfully inviting.

But I need to stay up so I’ll get to sleep properly later tonight and not wake up at 4 hours before I need to leave for work. So I think I’ll do a little gaming for a bit and see if my still fuzzy noggin is clear enough to play well.

3 thoughts on “The dead walk among us…

  1. I was at least able to sleep a bit today, before I had to be up to work on my client’s emergency project. I sympathise!

    You did a good job. You made it through. Best of all, think of the money that you and all the rest of us have raised: over 3/4 of a million dollars!! ( Not bad for a bunch of people sitting at their computers. )

  2. Not bad at all. I’m quite proud that I managed to get two entries in per hour as I had hoped to and that only a few of them were cop-out entries. Got to bed shortly after 11PM last night and I’m feeling pretty good this morning. Can’t complain at all.

  3. You are such a scammer…. You KNOW you just had to get a little gaming in before the weekend ended:-)  Cleaver making it sound like it was “just something you fell into” to help keep yourself awake.  Love ya, you SexyMONster you!

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