The Blogathon 2003 Anti-Thong Movement.


Brian over at Random Ravings has taken my thinly veiled threat of posing in a thong unless I got at least $100 in pledges and ran with it to come up with his No Thongs for Cancer official graphic thingy over there on the right.

So if you’re participating in the Blogathon this year and you’re of the physical build that posing in a thong could be considered a violation of the Geneva Convention and you’re having a little trouble getting folks to pledge out of the goodness of their hearts then you could always try a little blackmail like Brian and I did and see if that doesn’t motivate folks. Yes, I realize that blackmail is usually considered a bad thing, but this is for a good cause so it all works out in the wash. I think.

There’s still time to sponsor SEB in this years Blogathon if you’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t done it yet. I’ve had one or two people write to me that they didn’t have a spare $20 to pledge to which I say: WTF? You don’t have to donate $20. You can donate whatever you want be that $5 or $500. Whatever you think won’t break your bank. Every dollar helps and you can even make your donation anonymous if you’re worried about anyone giving you a hard time about the amount you’ve donated. I’m sure as hell not going to whine at anyone who sponsors us no matter what the amount.

Oh, and a quick note for DEE who said she’d sponsor me for a dollar if I switched to a vegetarian diet: I’ve reconsidered your offer and I am willing to make the following agreement. You make that pledge $1000 and I’ll switch to a vegetarian diet for no less than six months. Surely if your concern for my consumption of animals is as deep as you give the impression it is then this is a bargain you can’t pass up!

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