Thank you to everyone who sponsored us.

Just a quick note this morning to once again thank all of the sponsors who pledged money in our name during the Blogathon this weekend. As of this morning our total pledges stand at $193.25, almost $100 more than the goal I had hoped to hit. You can still sponsor us through the end of the day today if you want to get in at the last minute and push that total over $200, but we’re pretty happy with what we’ve accomplished and we thank all of you who supported us.

A special thanks to The Minx and Eric for helping out as Special Guest Bastards and to Laughing Muse, Brian Peace, Margi, my sister Cindy, kat, Natalie, Nicole, my wife Anne, Rori, leigh, Jen, Shelli and everyone else who stopped by on a regular basis to make comments and help keep me awake.

I’m late for work, gotta run.

6 thoughts on “Thank you to everyone who sponsored us.

  1. Happy to help! And very proud of you and the event as a whole! The current stats are AMAZING: 430 participants; 3089 sponsors; 99,013.91 raised

  2. Sniffle, sniffle…. I made a few guest bastard entries of mine own, too.  Not just comments…. sniffle, sniffle… winkAnne

  3. That’s great, Les—Congratulations!  And you’re most welcome! smile  Thank YOU for writing such great stuff to read—it helped keep ME awake! smile

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