TechTV publishes RIAA hit-list.

Looks like the RIAA has fired off it’s first batch of subpoenas in a followup to their threat to sue anyone who traded copyrighted songs over P2P networks.

TechTV | RIAA Hit List

The following user names were culled from subpoenas filed with the US District Court in Washington, DC. All subpoenas, incidentally, are being served by the Los Angeles law firm of Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp. A total of 253 RIAA subpoenas were listed as of July 22 through the federal court system’s paid online database, PACER. The actual subpoenas are available to view online in about half the cases.

The court documents don’t show individual users’ real names. They do show file-sharing network user names, the user’s ISP, the user’s IP address, and a sampling of copyright songs the user allegedly made available for download. To date, many ISPs have been contacted, including Pac Bell Internet, SBC, Charter Communications, Comcast, Adelphia, RCN, and Time Warner.

This follows up on word that the RIAA isn’t being particularly discriminatory about who they sue as reports have it that parents, grand-parents and even roommates of file-traders are being targeted with threats of expensive lawsuits.

The RIAA has issued at least 911 subpoenas so far, according to court records. Lawyers have said they expect to file at least several hundred lawsuits within eight weeks, and copyright laws allow for damages of $750 to $150,000 (U.S.) for each song.

The AP tracked targets of subpoenas to neighborhoods in Boston; Chicago; St. Louis; San Francisco; New York and Ann Arbor, Mich.

“If they end up picking on individuals who are perceived to be grandmothers or junior high students who have only downloaded in isolated incidents, they run the risk of a backlash,” said Christopher Caldwell, a lawyer in Los Angeles who works with major studios and the Motion Picture Association of America.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all turns out. Especially with the coming advent of P2P file sharing apps that promise to provide complete anonymity to their users and Wi-Fi access points that are open and free for anyone to use providing an unanticipated form of privacy for file swappers. If you’re wondering if you’re on the RIAA hit-list click the following link to see it in full.

Following is a list of the first user names from our review of the subpoenas.

  • Aab@Kazaa
  • Aboggs2@Kazaa
  • allstatetide@Kazaa
  • Amissann2@Kazaa
  • AngelaMikesell@Kazaa
  • anon39023@Kazaa
  • anthonybotz@Kazaa
  • aoster1@Kazaa
  • Ariel167@fileshare
  • asheejojo@Kazaa
  • Ashley@Grokster
  • azn_bahamut@Kazaa
  • B.B.C@Kazaa
  • badandy@Kazaa
  • Benchy987@Kazaa
  • Bigeasssy24@Kazaa
  • Bigpimpinitopey187@Kazaa
  • bigjohnhc@Kazaa
  • blazel@Kazaa
  • bluemonkey13@Kazaa
  • Boilermaker1214@Kazaa
  • brentandjonna@Kazaa
  • brich410@Kazaa
  • budman5000@Kazaa
  • Bush323@Kazaa
  • cado@Kazaa
  • Carolyn@fileshare
  • Casal@Kazaa
  • cbegalle@Kazaa
  • cherriie@Kazaa
  • CLOVER77@Kazaa
  • Corky101@Kazaa
  • Cortez1023@Kazaa
  • CowgirlMDR@Kazaa
  • crazyface@Kazaa
  • d-dubb@Grokster
  • dallass@Kazaa
  • daredevil@Kazaa
  • DEFAINCE357@Kazaa
  • definitely_ditzy@Kazaa
  • dimples0530@Kazaa
  • dmadigan@Kazaa
  • dotzbadger@Kazaa
  • dubcha@Kazaa
  • dulfingurl2@Kazaa
  • Dyellagurl22@Kazaa
  • Dziion@Kazaa
  • eddieh@Kazaa
  • emmi4@Kazaa
  • enbbarnes@Kazaa
  • ERIKA@Kazaa
  • felicia_alvarado@Kazaa
  • flowerpower0818@fileshare
  • fox3j@Kazaa
  • freckles72587@Kazaa
  • fritzbuilding@Kazaa
  • Generalby@Kazaa
  • Ghettobootybabe8@Kazaa
  • h2ochamp@kazaa
  • harris@Kazaa
  • heather_thee_amazing@Kazaa
  • hoami316@Kazaa
  • hooterzzz@Kazaa
  • hottdude0587@Kazaa
  • HyDang@Kazaa
  • ilovemydez@Kazaa
  • indepunk74@Kazaa
  • inthisroom@Kazaa
  • jamonie@Kazaa
  • JE_WV@Kazaa
  • Jeff@Kazaa
  • Jessica@Kazaa
  • jim@Kazaa
  • joanjett@Kazaa
  • joe@Kazaa
  • jomada@Kazaa
  • JustineRiot@Kazaa
  • kelney12@Kazaa
  • kenne007@Kazaa
  • KrAyZiE@Kazaa
  • ktgurl13@Grokster
  • kunstrukter@Kazaa
  • ladypimp8669@Kazaa
  • laurelbean@Kazaa
  • leahpate@Kazaa
  • LiLHuNnIe1480@Kazaa
  • Lisweet@Kazaa
  • Lyssy348@Kazaa
  • madkirk@fileshare
  • Marge4131@Kazaa
  • Marla262@Kazaa
  • mgokey@Kazaa
  • mike@Kazaa
  • Motivator@Kazaa
  • munkeyspanker21@Kazaa
  • nikki@Kazaa
  • Niltiak@Kazaa
  • Nodopefor2@Kazaa
  • paulina@Kazaa
  • pdia@Kazaa
  • PDJ1846@Kazaa
  • Playgirlmama@Kazaa
  • Prtythug23@Kazaa
  • qjade512@Kazaa
  • rebecca_m_122@Kazaa
  • rips42@Kazaa
  • rochelle@Kazaa
  • RockOn182@Kazaa
  • samlionofzino@Kazaa
  • shakobe@Kazaa
  • shonga84@Kazaa
  • sk8boyben@Kazaa
  • sneil@Kazaa
  • soccerdog@Kazaa
  • StolenSi@Kazaa
  • sus@Kazaa
  • Sweet3114@Kazaa
  • sweetthang1421@Kazaa
  • TheLastReal7@Kazaa
  • Tyler@Kazaa
  • Unit984@Kazaa
  • Westly_NoGood@Kazaa
  • www.k_lite.tk_Kazaa_Lite@Kazaa

3 thoughts on “TechTV publishes RIAA hit-list.

  1. All Kazaa users, I see. We stopped offering files to share as Earthlink received letters; now we just download, which they’re currently not going after.

    It gets better when it’s Grateful Dead live tracks you’re downloading—the Dead allow it.

  2. The worst part wouldn’t be being served and sued – it would be when they listed what music you had available for download.

    I really must remember to delete my Barry Manilow…

  3. I think it is wrong to sue the people who are interested in the record compaines music. They should come up with a better way of controlling filesharing!

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