Stonehenge an early form of porn.

Now here’s a new take on just what the hell Stonehenge was all about. Most scientists who have studied the ancient arrangement of impressively huge chunks of rock on Salisbury Plain in southern England concluded that its purpose was tied to an early form of astronomy, but now according to some Canadian researchers Stonehenge is actually a representation of the female genitalia. In essence, a prehistoric “beaver shot” of sorts.

Yahoo! News – Stonehenge Depicts Female Genitalia, Researchers Say

Viewed from above, Perks suggests Stonehenge’s inner bluestone circle represents the labia minora and the giant outer sarsen stone circle is the labia majora. The altar stone is the clitoris and the open center is the birth canal.

“Could the outer avenue of Stonehenge…represent the way by which new life entered?” the article wondered, adding that when comparing “the layout of the henge with the anatomy of the human vulva. There is a distinct similarity.”

OK, so they aren’t actually claiming it’s prehistoric porn, but rather a giant fertility symbol. It was just the first thing that occurred to me when I thought of ancient men wandering around the newly completed Stonehenge marveling at how it represented it’s intended subject so well. I imagine the conversation probably went like this:

Ancient Man 1: Dude! Check it out! I’m standing on the clit and it’s “rock” hard too!
Ancient Man 2: That’s awesome, dude! But be careful, you don’t want ta fall into that birth canal or you’ll be lost forever.
Ancient Man 1: True, but what an excellent way to go, eh? Swallowed by a giant cooch?
Ancient Man 2: Indeed my friend. It sure beats being stomped by a woolly mammoth.

8 thoughts on “Stonehenge an early form of porn.

  1. I think it just goes to show that Ancient Men worshiped the same things Modern Men worship. They were just less secretive about it.

  2. Oi… ya, I wondered when they’d turn this into a giant sexual symbol too.  Freud has had an awful affect on the world.  Everything can be seen as sexual now-a-days.  Hey Dave’s right… where are those tits?  Thought those were a much more visually appealing female anatomy anyway.

  3. Freud was a sick freak…His theories are all based on perverted thoughts!!!!!!! If alive today, he would probably be identified as the worlds biggest child molester!!!!!!!He needed to be castrated and forced to choke on his own penis!!!!!!!!!

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