Star Wars Kid’s parents file lawsuit asking for $250,000.

The parents of Ghyslain Raza, better known as the Star Wars Kid, are suing the parents of the four teenagers who digitized and uploaded the video clip of Ghyslain getting his Star Wars Groove on to the Internet.

The Globe and Mail

In a statement of claim filed last week in their home town of Trois-Rivires, the Razas say that Ghyslain was so widely mocked at his private high school that he dropped out.

He had to finish the session at Pavillon Arc-en-ciel, a ward specializing in child psychiatry at the Trois-Rivires Regional Hospital Centre.

Ghyslain “will be under psychiatric care for an indefinite amount of time,” the statement of claim says.

“The stigma of mental illness can generate social prejudices having severe consequences” on the young man, including making it more difficult for him to enroll in the school of his choice or get a job, or even forcing him to change his name, the document added.

“Ghyslain had to endure, and still endures today, harassment and derision from his high-school mates and the public at large,” it said.

The one and only published interview with Ghyslain I’ve seen didn’t give any indication that this kid was feeling particularly traumatized by this experience and I can’t shake the feeling that this lawsuit was more of a matter of opportunity than actual damage done to Ghyslain.

Which is a shame considering the fact that quite a few people came together to pull off a very successful fund-raiser that brought in over $4,000 and some other cool stuff for the SWK to say “thanks” for being a good sport about it only to have his parents turn around and sue causing some of the donors to rescind their offers. Hell, there’s even been a petition drive to get him included as a cameo into the final Star Wars movie and there’s some indication that Lucas Film might actually be considering it.

Late last night, those of us watching the E3 webcam saw the makeup dept. putting touches on various Wookiee masks, including Chewbacca’s. Then the camera showed us that the crew there was watching the infamous “Star Wars Kid” video. Then at 14:16:40 (on 6/3) the lady we’d been watching for most of the night turned to face the camera and held up a piece of paper. Written on it in black magic marker was this:

We Love Ghyslain. You Rock!! Jedi Kid.

She held it up long enough for the camera to snap a few frames. At 14:17:20 she held up another piece of paper, this time reading:

Ghyslain 4 Episode 3.? C’est possible, non?

With that much positive attention coming from this it’s hard to see how he’s suffered all that much. I’m sure initially he had a rough time of it, but it seems that he’s easily gotten as much good feedback from it as bad by now. 

It’s hard to draw any conclusions one way or the other with the limited amount of information we have on him, but I know of people who would kill to have a video of them being a total geek gain such wide-spread exposure and fame.

13 thoughts on “Star Wars Kid’s parents file lawsuit asking for $250,000.

  1. If people are giving SWK a hard time then they are a bunch of dicks. So what is he looks a little silly or awkward, he is obviously having a good time. I never understood people’s need to ruin someone else’s day for no apparent reason.

    If he ends up in Episode 3 it might be an inducement for me to actually go see it…Jar Jar has pretty much soured me on the 1st and 2nd episodes. Me thinky he no a-funny.

  2. It’s rather unfortunate that people have pulled their donations for him, as I’m sure he (as a minor) has very little to do with the lawsuit.  I’m sure if it were up to him he’d rather let the matter drop than invite more ridicule and attention by suing his classmates, especially since one of the main points of the suit is that he’s still being harassed by people at school.

    If I were him I’d turn around and sue my parents for whatever monies they’re awarded in this stupid lawsuit.  That’d teach ‘em.

  3. I’m sure he did get his feelings hurt.  But since when does someone get to take a substantial sum of money from others because life took a sucky turn?

  4. Personally I think if it was me I’d feel much better about saying “yea, I was the star wars kid, but hey, did you see me in episode III?” than “yea, I was the star wars kid and my mom and dad sued some guys for all they had”.

    I mean, it’d totally suck to be him in a way, I mean, I got teased in HS but this’d be much much worse, but still….

  5. am writing in for star war boys who dancing. would like it for much if to have it in the movies show. star war really super fun for me.

  6. Ha ha, maybe hes fat bodie will be more in the shape of for getting the sexxing after much working out of the lightsaber.  woman will like him more if en shape like garY papa.  red decks of darth vader on yes? am liking they cheese.

  7. Its annoying that some kids would be so malicious to upload him to the internet. I doubt the parents are doing this for money. The fact that they let him change schools, go to a looneybin, and possibly change his name, gives me the impression that it must have been awful for him. You can only try to laugh it off for so long. Kids don’t let up.  But suing for 250K, I don’t think the parents will win. It is the internet after all, the forum of free speech.

  8. I’m not sure what’s worse here.  First we have a kid doing something ridiculous and embarrasing; which would then place us all in there, yet is being ridiculed for it.  Then we have the lawsuit.  As has already been noted, the kid is just a minor and has no more say in a case like this than what he could possibly say as a witness in a statement or under oath.  He can’t stop his parents in the end and the parents should be ashamed that they are only adding to this.

    However, I am all in favor of criminal charges.  Any civil charges could perhaps have all proceeds after court/lawyer costs go towards any philanthropic group of their choice.  I wonder if the parents have done a horrible job of helping SWK deal with this instead of running from school to therapy.  On the other hand, I admit I have limited knowledge and any comparison I could possibly make to embarassing moments pales in comparison.  Those who take the attitude of “that kid just needs to suck it up, everyone gets embarrased” either have divorced themselves of reason or just enjoy sounding stupid.

    As for free speech, remember that while I may have freedom to call someone names, that does not extend to include theft, trespassing and invasion of privacy.  The kids that posted this allegedly stole the tape.  This tape of course was never intended to be public.

    What’s the Canadian legal precidence for say, stealing personal memoires and journals from someone and posting them publicly?

  9. Think about it…if his parent were truly concerned about their son’s well-being, would they sue?  This worsens the very thing they are suing over!  Clearly, the parents want money more than what’s best for their son…and the friends that put it on the net will be suing for their share of the royalties when he appears in E3 or Oprah or MTV, etc.

  10. Wow… Star Wars Kid deserves a lot of credit. He turned my shitty day into a good one. If his parents get the lawsuit, it’s not going to help him at all, except make sure that he goes to school with a 5000 dollar shoe on his foot, and in a limo or something. He’s still going to get made fun of. =/ I heard that he borrowed the camera, and forgot to take the tape out or whatever, so if that’s true then he screwed himself over. A few of my friends have done that to each other, but no one has tried to sue anyone else. Wow, is all I have to say.

  11. I think the SWK is a stupid fat little pig.  Serves him right for taping himself.  That is the stupidest video Ive ever seen.  Why do retards like him and “vote for pedro” get all the attention?

    Our society is definitely heading down hill.

  12. The kid deserves the money, he proved to us that an obsession with Star wars: The phantom menace
    is incredibly nerdy.

  13. Why haven’t I heard anyone else mention this?…

    Look at Episode III.  Look at the Jedi/Padowan who is about 17 years old who runs in at the last moment to sacrifice himself and occupy the stormtroopers long enough for Senator Organa to escape…  Ghyslain???

    Figure all the training they would have put him through, and the physical demands of it, and the little bit of excess weight he had would have been burned off…

    Do a freeze-frame of his face.  It seriously looks like him to me!

    It would be a perfect ending to the Ghyslain Saga!

    Spread that around the internet…

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