Speaking of work.

Looks like they’ve worked out the remaining obstacles that were holding up my transition to my new role as a “Site Management Zone Planner” as I was told today that I officially move into my new job on Monday. I’ve been slowly sliding in that direction as of the last couple of weeks as it became clearer that this was inevitable and that’s why I’ve been attending so many more meetings than usual. In fact, I’d say that going to meetings is probably my primary job function now. When people ask me what I do for a living I’m going to tell them “go to meetings, mostly” and try not to look too depressed.

This category of my blog will probably see a lot more entries from here on out.

4 thoughts on “Speaking of work.

  1. Try to determine what the expected outcomes of the meetings are and follow up on getting things done. I think that’s better than just complaining.

  2. Better than complaining? Hell, I’m sure it’s better than complaining. More fun than complaining? No, definitely not more fun than complaining.

    Meetings that aren’t pointless time wasters are meetings I generally don’t have a big problem with. Unfortunately it’s been my experience that a good 75% of the meetings I’ve been asked to attend have been pointless time wasters for which there is no expected outcomes to follow up on. Perhaps you should have a better grasp of what I am complaining about before you complain about my complaining.

  3. Well, it was easy to grasp what you were talking about. I personally would decline to go to such useless meetings over and over again, or I would ask to be called in when it’s time to talk about issues related to my work.

    It’s not that I don’t understand how certain large companies operate, but you ar enot powerless.


  4. When the notice says it’s a MANDATORY meeting I’m not sure how I’m supposed to avoid it short of coughing up a lung. Perhaps your boss doesn’t have a problem with you missing mandatory meetings, but I have to have a good reason to miss them myself.

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