So I had several meetings today, right?

And at one of the meetings there was this guy, right? He spoke up quite a bit and asked several relevant questions, right? So it’s not like he was an idiot or anything, right? Except that I soon noticed he had this really odd habit, right? Of ending every sentence he spoke with the word “right” and a tonal inflection that appeared to turn it into a question, right? Regardless of whether the sentence was a question or a statement, right? And he just kept doing it over and over, right? I think he might have had a total of 4 sentences the whole meeting in which he didn’t do this, right? And it left me wondering what his deal was, right? I pondered if it was an indication of uncertainty about the validity of his statements, right? Like he wasn’t sure that what he just said made sense to anyone outside of himself, right? So he kept appending this ending on in an attempt to indicate to everyone that they should interrupt if they couldn’t figure out what he was talking about, right? I’m not sure if that’s what the problem was, but it’s the best guess I can come up with, right? I could tell after a short while that everyone else in the room had also noticed, right? And some of the people wore little bemused smiles that grew bigger each time this guy spoke, right? You just know that if any of them have a blog they’re probably writing about this guy as well now, right? Because it’s stuck in their heads now just like it is mine, right? And I’m worried that I’ll have to go see a doctor soon and he’ll prescribe me these little blue pills that cost $39.99 for a bottle and I’ll have to take them for the rest of my life to keep me from repeating this annoying habit, right? You guys have probably had experiences with people you work with that are just like this, right?

13 thoughts on “So I had several meetings today, right?

  1. Hey Etan, I’ve been meaning to mention this for awhile now, but keep forgetting. Did you know that your website is blocked by the firewall we have at work? It’s banned under the category of PORNOGRAPHY, but I’ve looked all over your site and I don’t recall seeing any. Where the hell you hiding the good stuff at anyway?

  2. It ‘snot right to mediaitate fun at others, huh?When I was youngest, I had seriousical trouble speling eventual little words, but stare at me now- SPEIL-CHEK saved my live, huh? Ensert yourself, huh? You probabable have a tic-kle or 2 that you are made shame of, huh? This guy sounds like a neuterized born lead, huh? Even if not a lead, a damnated gook follower, then, huh? It’s important to get support from others prostratingly, huh? So lei-off a hard eugleaeulistifying, somewhat speak impedimentioned othersides brillowed speachulator, (even you said besofore), huh? Don’t you ever swallow, huh!!!! When you feel the superiorificated right to mutate fun of otters, think with yourself- is it really fare, huh? I pre-injest it isn’t, huh? Just some cuddles to mastabate full-frontal on, huh?

  3. Actually, I had a physican in college who followed every sentence with “huh”. I often wanted to prescribe her something.

    Come on Les, the more I read your site the more I think otters are the only thing you haven’t mutated fun of.[GRIN]

  4. It’s funny that you should mention that. Otters are my favorite animal. I collect figures of them and I used to draw a comic strip called “Okee the Otter” based on a book of the same name I once read as a child. I must have at least 40 or so different otter related items in my home.

  5. Damn, I can’t even type “physician” correctly. So much for SPEIL-CHECK. Sorry to bring down the quality of your site.

  6. Didn’t I mention I’m psychick? (heh heh) You’d think I would somehow just know when I incorrectly typed a word.

  7. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of “Okee the Otter”?  I can’t find a copy

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