Smilie key now available in comments.

I’ve gotten tons of people asking for it so I finally got around to doing it. I’ve whipped up a simple key that shows what text combinations will produce smilies in the comments. The link for the key is at the bottom of the text area window, though I may decide to move it later. It opens a new window displaying all the smilies currently available and the characters needed to make them happen. I’ve not gone as far as to make them clickable because I’m too damned lazy. Be happy I’ve revealed the secret of the smilies as it is!

4 thoughts on “Smilie key now available in comments.

  1. Awww!  Where are the smilies that are shaking their little smiley boobies?  Those are fun.

    Ah, well – I guess this’ll do for now.  :finger:

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