Signed up and ready for this year’s Blogathon!

It’s a couple days later than I planned, but I’m now signed up and ready to participate in this years Blogathon and the charity I’ve decided to raise funds for will be the Association for International Cancer Research. If you want to sponsor us here at SEB for this year’s Blogathon you can do so by clicking here or the little button over there on the left that says Blogathon: Sponsor us! Your pledge can either be a a one-time flat pledge for the whole event or an hourly pledge based on my getting two entries up every hour minimum. I’m assuming if I miss an hour or only get one entry up that hour then it doesn’t count. Your pledge doesn’t have to be a lot and it doesn’t come to me, but rather you’ll be contact to go to the website and make the donation when the event is over.

I’ve been up rather late the last couple of nights and was exceptionally tired when I did hit the bed and it’s been several years since I did an all-nighter so this should prove to be a very interesting experience. I don’t have any plans for anything specific in the way of content yet, but I am kicking around some ideas so I encourage anyone who has an idea they want to share to send it my way. There’s some interesting events being cooked up by other bloggers that I might look into participating in as well. I’ve created a new category just for Blogathon 2003 and all entires that day will be filed under that category for easy reference. Locally the event starts here at 9 AM on Saturday, July 26th and runs until 9 AM on Sunday, July 27th. This should be fun. Especially around the 3 AM mark when I’ll get a little loopy.

8 thoughts on “Signed up and ready for this year’s Blogathon!

  1. Good luck in the blogathon!  I’ll be up all night right along with ya!

    I wish I hadn’t overextended myself already by sponsoring people.  I’d sponsor you for sure if I had the $$.  What a worthy charity!

  2. I appreciate the sentiment BM and if I survive this year to do it again next year then perhaps you can squeeze me in then. grin

  3. Incidentally BM, you’ve got a pretty cool blog! Love the logo. I’m adding it to my blogroll right now.

  4. One thing – I think you misconstrued what I meant in my comment a few entries down.  I don’t mean that for a 24 hour period that you stick with one topic…rather, I mean at the onset you hit it with something that’s, you know, been bugging you, been making you happy, whatever…the beauty is in the limiting of the blogging.

    Something you feel strongly about – you blog for five minutes and make yourself walk away…if you’ve chosen a good topic that means the next fifty to fifty-five minutes will be spent thinking about your initial post.

    Some of my best blog entries (I think) have come from when I’ve changed my mind mid-post.

    The stream of consciousness thing…I would love to see that from you.  You have a brilliant mind and I’d like to see that released.

    It’s really too bad you didn’t sign on for the “Wine for Tots” program…that’s really something I could get behind.  Regardless, I’ll support your charity – if I *have* too.  :^)

  5. Awesome!  I’m so glad you decided to do it. smile  I think it’s going to be fun, too.  I’m still kicking around some ideas myself for what I’m going to be blogging about for 24 hours—who knows, maybe I’ll just wing it. wink

  6. Damn…well, okay, I can’t get registered to throw my cash atcha, but I’m trying.

    My mom has cancer of the everything and I wholly support you in this.  Please, if you don’t see my pledge up there in the next day or so remind me, okay?  Email me – I have short-term memory loss (or whatever) but I want to support you.



    but inspired by Natalie’s ”…I have short-term memory loss (or whatever)…”

    We like to call that CRS syndrome, Brain Farts or chronologically challenged. 

    CRS = Can’t Remember Shit
    chronologically = aged
    challenged = senile

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